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  1. [Lyric] Jestem uśmiercony (Salata)

    Sobie robie terazod nowa tu tak wbijam Sobie na auto tunie robie ten trap ale dobra to ja młody sałata Sobie nawijam od nowa tu tak ale dobra ale dobra Sobie czekam jak tu tu lata Sobie robie ten trap widzą mnie tylko tu Sobie nawijam od nowa tu tak Sobie lece znów po wsi tak nebrowo w nebrowo m em glina te też [?] rusinowo e er Sobie roeuo też...Learn More
  2. [Lyric] Shine On (Dragonsfire)

    Here comes the sun It shines from our hearts The holy light That tears you apart The light of salvation is shining for us And we will forever be free Takes away the pain and dark And tells me what I shall be You can’t change the way we are - no, no You can’t change the way we are - no, no Shine on forever and light our path Guide us on our...Learn More
  3. [Lyric] Desires (The Naked One)

    Welcome to life, here you will stay forever Soon you will learn how to live by yourself! You have to try to walk your way, make your mistakes If you want to run just walk away from this place... Are you ready to know which is my hope? It's my way Feel like a runaway... Are you ready to try? So you can find your desires I hear no apologize... these...Learn More
    rockThe Naked One
  4. [Lyric] Why God (Wiz_khago)

    Yeah Where do you come from? Why are you here? Black and White,why is it so uniform? Black and whites ain't friends why? Why do the blacks have to die face? Why do i see these features and feel like its kinda art? Im kinda lost Im wondering Why do you help us and the devil break us apart? Yeah i pray,i believe but even the evil beings in times of...Learn More
  5. [Lyric] 30 on 30 (JustTrey)

    Ok heheheh yea ay ay yea hold on yuh yuh this sum real shit ok ok 30 on 30 gotta go crazy pull up like curry shoot it like murray BOW No miss yea dont worry did ya dirty pull up yea bitch no worry Blow up more hurry yea bitch yea no hurry Gotta keep dropping yea bitch im striking running laps i feel like lightening sooner or later ill leave em on...Learn More
  6. [Lyric] Hold On Baby (Solmi)

    [Verse 1] I was poisoned By your lies I am tired of Mindless tries You’re the devil From head to toe My only dream Is to stay on my own [Chorus] Hold on, baby Why are you so angry? What the fuck/hell gives you the right To affect on my mind? Wait up, baby Your bag is ready Get away from me tonight Enjoy baby your new life [Verse 2] I am happy My...Learn More
  7. [Lyric] Agosto (Helado Negro)

    Flor de naranja Caerán en mis pies Todo el verano Fruta sin árbol Hay algo dulce En tus malas costrumbres Evitan Quien podría ser Y tú te perdiste En agosto, en agosto Y tú te perdiste En agosto, en agosto Sabor amargo que fui dejando Nos volveremos a ver Vida Nos volveremos a ver Mi vida y yo, oh-oh-oh-oh Nunca me fui Solo me fui a dormir Se...Learn More
    popHelado Negro
  8. [Lyric] Forever (Stranger Sings! The Parody Musical)

    [Barb, SPOKEN] Hey Nancy, you're not gonna like- forget about me when you and Steve, like- fall in love and get married.. [Nancy, SPOKEN] What? No, of course not. Why would you say that? [Barb, SPOKEN} I don't know.. It's just that I- sometimes get the feeling that I'm kind of.. uh, in the way [Nancy, SPOKEN] Barb, no. You will always be the...Learn More
    popStranger Sings! The Parody Musical
  9. [Lyric] Буги-вуги Boogie Woogie (Jerry (RU))

    [Текст песни «Буги-вуги»] [Интро] Dance, буги-вуги, dance, dance, буги-вуги Dance, буги-вуги, dance, dance, буги-вуги [Куплет 1] Dance, буги-вуги, dance, dance, буги-вуги (Dance, dance) Та чика на танцполе лучшая в округе Она на каблуках такая при параде (Такая при параде) Спереди всё зашибись, и прекрасно сзади На танцполе музыка уже совсем не...Learn More
    popJerry (RU)
  10. [Lyric] Cose che si dicono (Cordio)

    [Testo di "Cose che si dicono"] [Strofa] Ciao, ti chiamo solo per sapere come stai Qui tutto bene a parte il fatto che mi manchi Certo son passati tanti mesi, ti sei fatta un'altra vita Non ci credi che mi manchi Quindi tua sorella si è sposata, vai di nuovo in discoteca Pensa un po', tu non mi manchi e non so più dove girarmi Su questo letto...Learn More
  11. [Lyric] 8ビットボーイ Eight Bit Boy ( (Natsume Mito))

    [三戸なつめ「8ビットボーイ」歌詞] 1UP 2UP 8ビットボーイ ボクらのワクワク少年タイム I love We love 8ビットボーイ 滑らかスプライト 1UP 2UP 8ビットボーイ 夢見る発明ワイヤーフレーム I love We love 8ビットボーイ ピクセルで描いて Uh uh 8ビットボーイ Uh uh 8ビットボーイ Uh uh 8ビットボーイ Uh uh 8ビットボーイ (8ビットボーイ) もうひとつの世界の中から生まれた 色んな素晴らしいチャレンジにハラハラしてる そこのアイテムまで 届くギリギリかな もう戻れないステージ 1UP 2UP 8ビットボーイ ボクらのワクワク少年タイム I love We love 8ビットボーイ 滑らかスプライト 1UP 2UP...Learn More
    pop (Natsume Mito)
  12. [Lyric] Kalf (Jeroen Woe)

    Kwam een meisje aangereden Op het fietspad van de helling 't gaat hier best steil naar beneden Dus ze raakt in een versnelling En dan fietspad komt weer uit Op de geasfalteerde weg Dus je moet hier heel scherp sturen Want met een beetje pech Schiet je door over de baan Waar de auto's dan weer rijden Die hier rustig zestig gaan Dus je bent niet meer...Learn More
    popJeroen Woe