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  1. [Lyric] Payong (Althea Ablan)

    [Verse 1 Umuulan nang tayo ay magkatagpo Sa lilim ng mga larana at tago Pumapatak ang bawat titik ng ambon Huhulihin ko pa mga salitang naghahabol [Chorus 1] Sasabihin ko bang mayroong payong Kung nagmamadali ka'y sa'yo na ito Ngunit kung 'di naman, at 'di ka maselan Pwede kang lumapit dito sa tabi ko Maliit lang kase payong ko na...Learn More
    popAlthea Ablan
  2. [Lyric] Per fare un tavolo - Demo Cover (L'officina della camomilla)

    Per fare un tavolo serve un motivo Come ad esempio per fare un pasto Per fare un pasto serve la fame Per far la fame servono i debiti Per fare i debiti serve la droga Per fare i debiti serve la droga Per far la droga ci vuole un fiore Un fiore bello da morire Ma io volevo solamente giocare un po' a ping pong Ma io volevo solamente giocare un po' a...Learn More
    miscL'officina della camomilla
  3. [Lyric] 星星数流星 (Connor Leong)

    会有什么感觉 紧盯你的双眼 哪有什么误会 心跳却忽近忽远 吹飞白色黄色粉色金色 夜里的彩虹 降落的粉末 到底为谁闪烁 钻石一颗两颗三颗 堆满了天空 要抓住每一次的感动 看星星数流星 就像 You & I 点亮我们的每一步 用星星数流星 连接两颗心 像离不开命中注定 没有一刻不浪漫 星尘璀璨 动人夜晚 当星星数流星 For better you & I 漫步在幸福的云图 会有什么感觉 住进我的双眼 不怕什么误会 就算不停坠跌 为你飞天遁地上山下海 编织的星空 每一次眨眼 都不许再寂寞 时间一秒两秒三秒 仿佛慢动作 要收藏彼此间的拥有 看星星数流星 许下 You & I 瞬间耀眼了一大步 用星星数流星 划成一颗心 永恒间最美的光影 没有一刻不浪漫 星尘璀璨 动人夜晚 当星星数流星...Learn More
    popConnor Leong
  4. [Lyric] Cure Them Like Animals (Conquer Everest)

    Prepare for battle The beast draws near Sharpened tongues, our weapons These village walls, they will not fall We will not cower in fear This animosity is killing me Vengeance has filled my bones And I can feel them breaking On these blood thirsty walls How did we lose control? Deeds of the hearts of men I think you far underestimated my...Learn More
    rockConquer Everest
  5. [Lyric] Watching The World Go By (Lilac Fall)

    [Verse 1] Figuring out what the hell I am here for Every day dreamer I don't know what I'm in for But I know what I can see What I can breathe for [Chorus] I'm watching Watching the world go by [Verse 2] Take it or leave it Loving memory and hearts of gold Dancing inspiral flames sparkling glaze I'll never, never keep hold of the bad...Learn More
    popLilac Fall
  6. [Lyric] Oh No (MDN_1)

    MDN_1 Warren presents: Oh No. Season 1, Episode 1 When Warren was born, the very first time he opened his eyes was when he found himself in a nursery room that was dark, and it's bedroom door was left open leading to the hallway, which the hallway's lights were on, making the light break into the room Warren was in. The house he was in was his...Learn More
  7. [Lyric] Polo Livin (Bone$y)

    [Chorus] Polo livin you can’t match the vibe yuh small fries ain’t half my size (yea yea) You can say I’m the mastermind fuck wit me you can catch a vibe (yea yea) Polo livin you can’t match the vibe yuh small fries ain’t half my size (No you can't uh no you can't uh) You can say I’m the mastermind fuck wit me you can catch a vibe (yea...Learn More
  8. [Lyric] Sister Rain (Kym Gouchie)

    [Verse 1] I've been traveling down this road Searching for my pot of gold But the rain begins to fall And the rain washes it all [Verse 2] Too many times, I've been let down Looking for you, you're not around Now I'm traveling down this road alone Searching for my sacred sky home [Chorus] Way-ya-hey, ya-way-hey-ya, hey-hey-ee-ya Way-ya-hey,...Learn More
    popKym Gouchie
  9. [Lyric] Arrebatá (Natti Natasha)

    [Letra de "Arrebatá"] [Pre-Coro] Arrebatá' Con los ojito' colorao' de llorarte, salgo endiablá' A cada paso voy perdiendo la calle [Coro] Desacatá', -tá', -tá' (Yeh), -tá', -tá', -tá' Desacatá', -tá', -tá' (Yeh), -tá', -tá', -tá' Desacatá', -tá', -tá' (Yeh), -tá', -tá', -tá' Desacatá', -tá', -tá' (Yeh), -tá', -tá', -tá' [Verso 1] Morenita con...Learn More
    popNatti Natasha
  10. [Lyric] Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (Madeline Fretz)

    (You do the jitterbug, you do the jitterbug, you do the jitterbug) Oh! You put the boom-boom into my heart, you send my soul sky high when your lovin' starts! Jitterbug into my brain (yeah-yeah), it goes a-bang-bang-bang till my feet do the same But somethin's buggin' me, somethin' ain't right My best friend told me what you did last night Got me...Learn More
    popMadeline Fretz
  11. [Lyric] Highbeams (Millyz)

    [Chorus] Im incapable of loving you the way that I want to love you Because we got too much baggage I don't even trust myself so it be hard for me to trust you Betrayal turn me to a savage An I’ve been riding with my highbeams on just so I can see clearer Tryna gain perspective on myself Act like I don't want you but I swear to GOD I need you And...Learn More
  12. [Lyric] An all dogs christmas carol (Wintercolddays)

    [intro] I learned how to lose I learn I learn, i learned [hook] *biim boop boom* They won't talk to me I won't talk to you All the lies and books i load out of They won't talk to me I won't talk to you Can you hold my hand once again [verse} Can you stop acting with me I'm not a hollywood star all gain I believed in all those lies can't you stop...Learn More