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  1. [Lyric] Y Qué (ElArturo)

    [Letra de "Y Qué"] [Verso 1] No me vuelven a decir qué voy a hacer De hoy en adelante yo dirigiré Yo voy a vivir mi vida, con mis reglas, fantasías Dedicarme a cantar, hace mi alma respirar Tantas veces que quise mandar todo a la mierda Tantas veces me dijeron que no lo hiciera Todos esos comments, guárdenlos porque yo no escucho Yo solo escucho...Learn More
  2. [Lyric] Colheita da Intempérie (Animalesco, o Mtodo)

    Antes que a morte me traga vida Consumo o que de mal me encontrará Enquanto na surdina invoco os suplícios Rebanho de vultos envoltos em dor Protocolo de imenso fustigo No manifesto de crivos afiados Para além do infinito suspiro O pranto que me enche o prato do consolo Sôfrego pesar Embarco no podre caminho isento Grotesco paladar Vi nascer a...Learn More
    rockAnimalesco, o Mtodo
  3. [Lyric] Kiyas Broken heart (Larissa Danilo)

    A broken heart is the only thing that really changes people I hate that I am still hoping I am sorry that I'm not good enough, but I tried to be I'm used to being broken All I want to do right now is cry and scream and let it all out because it's killing me inside My heart is broken and the only one who can fix it is the one who broke it Here's to...Learn More
    popLarissa Danilo
  4. [Lyric] Other Side of the Mirror (Carson Bartlett)

    Don't you see it coming? Oh, you need it 'til when? Oh, my dreams have no end Oh oh, oh oh, oh Grab me by the hand Oh I wonder if we jump where we will land Peeking through the gate the grass is greener there Behind glass windows we like to stand and stare Oh we compare On the other side of the mirror On the other side of the mirror They don't...Learn More
    popCarson Bartlett
  5. [Lyric] Limit (Lil G Raps)

    Pull up with the AK with a dick in it Eat the pussy like a biscuit, then I spin in it Hold up pussy boy, haven't seen you in a minute Shots to yo head, my gun fuckin' reached the limit Got these hoes on my dick, nigga everywhere Put her in the circle, bitch round like a square Got two Glocks on my waist, nigga like a pair Need no money, fuck a...Learn More
    rapLil G Raps
  6. [Lyric] ØMI - Can You See The Light English Translation (Genius English Translations)

    [Verse 1] To the end of the night If you notice it if it is an I've come so far As long as it overlooks Silence world [Pre-Chorus] Between false and truth I will lose something one more The mind and body I can not be beautiful [Chorus] Can you see the light Answer is in the dark Can you see the light (Ooh-ooh-ooh) Answer is in the dark...Learn More
    popGenius English Translations
  7. [Lyric] I Just Ate Pussy (New Here)

    I just ate pussy I just ate pussy Just ate pussy like that’s what I was born to do I just ate pussy My first pussy Until they were laying there, Shaking in their boots I had never done it before But I could do it SO much more I wish they would let me snack all day They were hot and sweet and wet They didn't taste like cigarettes But I think i got...Learn More
    popNew Here
  8. [Lyric] Champions Anthem (Donny Goines)

    [Verse One: Bun B] Yeah, it’s that street nigga, always thorough, home on furlough Respected in the hood, certified in the borough Walk the block like I own it, if you got it, I want it And if you want it, I got it, don’t make your boy red dot it Dropped two hundred on a watch with a hundred begets Shot the white from half court and hit nothing but...Learn More
    rapDonny Goines
  9. [Lyric] Viet (Cochlea (Italy))

    Quando il vaso è caduto Stavi dormendo E polvere tutto intorno Quando il vaso è caduto Qualcosa ne è uscito Nascosto dietro a un dito Quando il vaso è caduto Stavi dormendo E polvere tutto intorno Quando il vaso è caduto Qualcosa ne è uscito Nascosto dietro a un dito Quando il vaso si è rotto Non stavi ascoltando Eri qui accanto...Learn More
    rockCochlea (Italy)
  10. [Lyric] The Interview (STS)

    [Interviewer:] Good evening, ladies & gentleman How you doing out there tonight? We have a special guest in the house The illustrious, Sugar Tongue Slim We're going to sit down and talk with him So Slim, where you from? [Verse: STS] Southwest ATL, Ralph Lauren to the socks, can't you mother fucking tell? West end to the point, niggas, that's my...Learn More
  11. [Lyric] 3Flips6 (Remy Banks)

    [Hook: Project Pat] See I gotta die, man, don't you even try, man Enemies gon' bleed once, I let these bullets fly, man See I gotta die, man, don't you even try, man Enemies gon' bleed once, I let these bullets fly, man Momma's gonna cry, man, I like to get high, man Niggas passing plates, snorting line after line, man Momma's gonna cry man, I like...Learn More
    rapRemy Banks
  12. [Lyric] Phantom (XIDIR, Eno & Kool Savas)

    [Songtext zu „Phantom“] [Intro: Eno] Ja! [Hook: Eno] Die Gegend riecht nach Amnesia (Puh, puh) Fahre durch die Nacht im schwarzen Phantom (Wouh, wouh) Undercover durch die Favela (Ja) Trage eine Maske wie das Phantom Jeder fragt sich, wieso ich so mach' (Brada, Brada) Brada, Brada, weil mein Visum läuft bald ab Im Kofferraum liegen Pakete...Learn More
    rapXIDIR, Eno & Kool Savas