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  1. [Lyric] Paramore - Pool Tradução em Português (Genius Brasil Tradues)

    [Tradução de "Pool" com Paramore] [Verso 1] Como se o primeiro corte não fosse fundo o suficiente Eu mergulhei de novo, porque não gosto de desistir Poderia ter tido a mesma euforia Do toque de qualquer amante Por que se acostumar com algo novo? Porque ninguém parte meu coração como você [Pré-Refrão 1] E você me beija, e deseja que pudéssemos ver...Learn More
    rockGenius Brasil Tradues
  2. [Lyric] In my head (Billie Cartier)

    Me desperté otra mañana Me senté a tomar un café Y vi que no estabas ahí Nunca me sentí tan bien Y es que a veces no No te quiero ni ver (y no te quiero ni ver) Y es que me tienes atrapado (uuuh) Atrapado en mi mente (uuuh) Cause you've been in my head Cause you are in my head now Because i can't forget (because I can't forget) I can't forget...Learn More
    rockBillie Cartier
  3. [Lyric] East Jesus America (The Original Brothers and Sisters of Love)

    We're taking back October's roads We've found a place where no one goes And it's just around the back door And just a stone's throw East of Jesus Long nights and Autumn breezes And it breaks my heart just being there, it's true... It was founded when the world was young It was passed on down from moon to sun And it's miles away from Motown But...Learn More
    rockThe Original Brothers and Sisters of Love
  4. [Lyric] Vintage Schwinn Enthusiast (The Original Brothers and Sisters of Love)

    Vintage Schwinn on a summer day I often ride all day When I call in on a day like today They've got to know I'm fooling Must know I'm fooling I've got a vintage Schwinn Single speed, that's all you really need Mild slopes and suburb streets When I ride out on a day like today They've got to know I'm moving Must know I'm moving On my vintage...Learn More
    rockThe Original Brothers and Sisters of Love
  5. [Lyric] Laugh Ourselves To Death (The Movielife)

    Always up and never down, oh dear I'm lying again. The world is a pile of shit in the summer sun. My love, can we just forget and be happy for a bit? We're gonna die, exploding in an ball of fire. No time to hang our heads, let's just laugh ourselves to death. A giant rock could kill us all. Oh god it's making me sick and carrying hate is pissing...Learn More
    rockThe Movielife
  6. [Lyric] Crimson Leaves Dance (Dragobrath)

    Під вітром кружляла Осінь бліда Інеєм вранці блистіло намисто Її Горіло вогнем золота У плясі багряного Листя Краплями рос в павутинні ожив Край неба, мов ножем, собою пробив Перший промінь ранковий За кромкою старого лісу Та сполохом в сутінках передранкових Що жерли осінньої ночі час Мороками, - запалав! Запалив Багряного Листя Пляс...Learn More
  7. [Lyric] Memories (Sonny and the Sunshine Bandits)

    [Verse 1] It all started with lightning in the blink of an eye It started the time I saw my dad cry It came back the time Tori took her own life Memories of these still shake me inside [Verse 2] I remember the day that she chose to get high I remember the snowman who got me denied I remember the day that she said goodbye Oh memories of these still...Learn More
    rockSonny and the Sunshine Bandits
  8. [Lyric] Getting Too Much (Hothouse Flowers)

    Is it getting too much Should I come around? Are you losing touch With what we call solid ground? Is the train too fast? Are the colours not clear? Losing touch with emotions Imprisoned in fear Are they trying your temper? Are you missing your home? Lost sight of the mountains Lost sight of your soul Look out This is your decision time...Learn More
    rockHothouse Flowers
  9. [Lyric] Свобода Freedom (ACTROHABT)

    Куплет (ACTROHABT): Я буду плакать под гитару, пока бьется в груди Осколок льда, об который насмерть бьются корабли Я буду вусмерть напиваться и кричать под окном Что жизнь - какая-то шутка, а любовь - это прикол Я буду скуривать до фильтра, допивать все до капли Я все уже проебал, поэтому так расслаблен В конце концов, моя жизнь, что хочу, то...Learn More
  10. [Lyric] College Party (Dolphin Uppercut Avenger)

    Oh girl You can never get enough No you can never get enough Girl if this is your whole world You want more? Well that's tough You drink yourself down 'til your numb to it all We are so young and tall How could we ever fall, fall, fall? Let's dance to one more song and We'll drive along and take this party down with us Down with us Oh Can he love...Learn More
    rockDolphin Uppercut Avenger
  11. [Lyric] Return To Dust (Holocaust)

    Tell me, do you ever get out breath when you go chasing the wind? Never just let a moment go by because your time is money? Me, I like my "pie in the sky"... Do you see how the days fly under the sun? Does it ever take a hold of your heart, that Eternal God Looking down on rebellious man Should make a covenant? An everlasting covenant... Do you...Learn More
  12. [Lyric] No Funeral (Thank (UK))

    [Verse 1] We've all done things that we're horrified by Roll up, roll up, get your closure from me On the day that I die, in the autopsy They'll find a whole host of things that were wrong with me No funeral No funeral No funeral, no funeral [Verse 2] Who put the "jerk" in "tearjerker"? Who put the "ass" in "catastrophe"? On the day that I die,...Learn More
    rockThank (UK)