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  1. [Lyric] Low Pain Tolerance (Abby Holliday)

    [Verse 1] Pull back, you're a little too close for comfort I wanna keep up, but I can't ever seem to catch my breath You keep planning our life together I wanna be there, but I just can't afford to be your mess [Chorus] My low pain tolerance is bringing you down Only a matter of time before you figure me out You're looking at me like you want me...Learn More
    rockAbby Holliday
  2. [Lyric] The Lovely Wounded (TRAITRS)

    Is this fire the only light in your eyes When you burn down our skyline in your eyes Is there no way of hiding in your eyes Before we are the ashes in your eyes Either way our failure's determined in your eyes And by the way we lie in ember in your eyes Just stay right here beside me in your eyes Will we ever survive in your eyes Just stay right...Learn More
  3. [Lyric] Must Be A Miracle (Brian Wilson)

    Have you ever heard a newborn baby cry Mom and Dad sharin' a tear of joy It's a seven pound four ounce little tiny baby boy Must be a miracle, must be a miracle Maybe this miracle's for me Have you ever seen blue eyes and long black hair Poetry in motion she's the dream of every guy A little bit of heaven just went walkin' by Must be a miracle,...Learn More
    rockBrian Wilson
  4. [Lyric] Circles (HRTLSS (UK))

    Now you throw your weight Take it all back Wormed your way And I fell for it And that was my mistake We can't keep going in circles Oh woh oh Your dragging me to rock bottom Oh woh oh You think it’s funny cause your dead inside Gotta leave protect this heart of mine We can't keep going in circles Fake love that’s what you gave to me Took my heart...Learn More
    rockHRTLSS (UK)
  5. [Lyric] The Fallen Baal (Scarlet Horizon)

    笑六道 舍迷离 六尘不改 碎灵霄 船无岸 恩怨休怀 变乱迷浊 放肆桀骜不逊 善恶浮世 独饮悲欢 苍天 再遮不住我眼 土地 再埋不了我心 要众生 都明白我心意 要诸神 灰飞烟灭 幻世当空 定万里河山 号令天下 汝又奈我何 生死无关 皆因来于空 弹指千秋 镇万物魂 Deep inside, deep inside, deep inside THE DEBT! Deep inside, deep inside, 幻世当空 Deep inside, deep inside, deep inside RAW MIND! 定万里河山 Fall behind, fall behind, fall behind THE DEBT! Fall behind, fall behind, 号令天下 Fall...Learn More
    rockScarlet Horizon
  6. [Lyric] Модно Stylish ( (Anglia))

    Нет лучше песни, чем тишина Оставьте в покое свои слова Через сотню лет нас не станет Но оставим дело, что будет жить Это так модно - расставаться друг с другом Это так модно - вкус сигарет Это так модно - уйти молодым Это так модно... Какой вопрос - такой ответ Мы сыграем в игру, сжав кулаки И не проснётся больше яд Что жил когда-то во мне Это...Learn More
    rock (Anglia)
  7. [Lyric] HOLY COMMUNION (Shoreline)

    I guess you can consider me A failure not an enemy So stop me from breathing deep The last thing that we share Is a mutual family name Blood we tried to clean Has been polluted When I lost yourself in the mirror I guess that we won’t grow old together Why don’t you Push me just a little further this time? I will be alright - you will have another...Learn More
  8. [Lyric] Its Not Easy Being Me (Brian Wilson)

    Every mornin' I wake up with that same sad feelin', it's killin me And every evenin' there's the same dream I keep on dreamin', again It follows me wherever I go And why I guess I'll never know It's got me down I can't get free It's not easy bein' me The same things haunt me endlessly It's not easy bein' me So I keep smiling, like maybe I can...Learn More
    rockBrian Wilson
  9. [Lyric] 담다디 Damdadi (Shin Hae Gyeong)

    [신해경 "담다디" 가사] [Verse 1] 이상한 밤 그대가 다가오네요 병든 내 모습을 봐 가슴이 아파오길 바래요, 바래요 외로운 밤 그대의 소식 들어요 매일 깊어진 밤은 그대가 전부인 걸 아나요, 아나요 [Pre-Chorus] 언젠가 그댄 홀로 찾아와 날 반겨주고 날 안아주고 서로를 느껴요 [Chorus] 담다디 담, 담다디 담 담다디 담, 담다디 담 담다디 담, 담다디 담 언제든 그대 돌아와요 시간이 우릴 지울 때까지 언제든 그대 돌아와요 시간이 우릴 지울 때까지 지울 수 없어, 잊을 수 없어 끝날 수 없어 지울 수 없어, 잊을 수 없어 끝낼 수 없어 [Verse 2] 아늑한 밤 언제나 그리워져요 그대가...Learn More
    rockShin Hae Gyeong
  10. [Lyric] Start Yet (Hellfireofficial)

    Now that I'm here Just the little things make me happy I wish you were here The time zones are making me worry I kinda knew this would happen I'm glad I stayed here, you're here My life just keeps getting better and better and better It's easy, I excel at life But I can't start yet I might have to wait another month I want to, begin soon Then I,...Learn More
  11. [Lyric] The Grey (Asking Alexandria)

    [Verse 1] The come down is killing me The slow fade, the fast release I know I can't keep this up forever The light burns, please close the shades I'm alright, I can numb the pain I don't want to see the world today [Pre-Chorus] I don't want this I can't get out Self loathing's overwhelming [Chorus] Lay me down And lead me into the grey Don't...Learn More
    rockAsking Alexandria
  12. [Lyric] Master Of The Man (Kevin McDermott Orchestra)

    Lying on a roof top, thinking that the world stopped turning Trying to forget things that weren’t worth learning And I think I’m tired, cos I just heard myself yawning I close my eyes and take my time till the morning Now I cast my blues, lose my shoes Catch me if you can Beneath the sky the child remains the master Master of the man Lying on a...Learn More
    rockKevin McDermott Orchestra