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  1. [Lyric] Nie było już nic (Sok (PL))

    [Tekst piosenki "Nie było już nic"] [Refren] Staliśmy z nimi tam pod tym blokiem Gdzie matki wciąż wołały ich z okien Przycięli ich jak stary disc jockey Jak mijasz, idź bokiem, lepiej szybkim krokiem Nie miałem wtedy nic, chciałem trochę I wszedłem nagle w to, jak w drift bokiem Myślałem, co będzie z nimi potem Ale potem nie było już...Learn More
    rapSok (PL)
  2. [Lyric] Чёрный Лёха Black Lexa (DONI (RUS))

    [Текст песни "Чёрный Лёха"] Во дворе стоит у меня чёрный Лёжа С моего окна он смотрится неплохо Раз, два, три мотор, заводи, мажор Эй, красавица, садись, подвезу домой Во дворе стоит у меня чёрный Лёжа С моего окна он смотрится неплохо Раз, два, три мотор, заводи, мажор Эй, красавица, садись, подвезу домой На нашем районе я самый блатной Еду на...Learn More
    rapDONI (RUS)
  3. [Lyric] Stars (Robby Hecht)

    Last night I saw you in the stars last night I saw you in the stars last night I saw you in the stars Sunrise Work makes it okay sometimes Work makes it okay sometimes Work makes it okay What am I supposed to do in the dark? What am I supposed to do in the dark? Headlights Take my breath away sometimes Take my breath away sometimes Take my...Learn More
    popRobby Hecht
  4. [Lyric] Hjul-jul i jul (Vazelina Bilopphggers)

    Dæ er hjul jul i jul Engler daler i skjul Bak julenek og høggeri Dæ er hjul jul i jul Julestjærna er gul På halogen og batteri Vil vil spelle oss svette i jakka Inni brakka i stjærn klare natta Dæ er hjul jul i jul Inni lager og skur Dær vi vil feire hjul jul i jul Vi skal feste til morron i brakka Tel vi sovner på divan i kappa Dæ er hjul jul...Learn More
    popVazelina Bilopphggers
  5. [Lyric] No One Loves Me like You (De Toppers)

    [Intro] (Ooh) (Ooh) (Ooh) [Verse 1] You, you can run away (Run away) And leave me for a day (For a day) You know I follow you somehow Don't know how, but you, I'll find I've got reason in my life (In my life) I can move the morning light (Morning light) There's no way you can escape this heart of mine It won't do without you [Chorus] So baby, if...Learn More
    popDe Toppers
  6. [Lyric] Smooth (American Blonde)

    [Verse 1] Just a little rough around the edges That's how our other heartbreaks have left us You got something 'bout you You got something I need When I'm wrapped around you Feeling good feels easy, you're [Chorus] Smooth Don't take no effort with you Fallin' right into your groove Got me peaceful in your ocean Your hands like honey floatin' How...Learn More
    countryAmerican Blonde
  7. [Lyric] Low Pain Tolerance (Abby Holliday)

    [Verse 1] Pull back, you're a little too close for comfort I wanna keep up, but I can't ever seem to catch my breath You keep planning our life together I wanna be there, but I just can't afford to be your mess [Chorus] My low pain tolerance is bringing you down Only a matter of time before you figure me out You're looking at me like you want me...Learn More
    rockAbby Holliday
  8. [Lyric] Schnell machen (Sa4)

    [Songtext zu „Schnell machen“ ft. Gzuz & Bonez MC] [Part 1: Bonez MC] Jeden Tag auf Opiaten, Schlafen ist mein Hobby 24 Stunden Gangster, frag doch meine Story Dicka, wie'n Wikinger, Norddeutscher bis ich sterbe 23 Zoll Chrom, paar hundert Pferde Guck in die Sterne auf Jamaika und bin high Eine Flasche Rum, ja und? Vielleicht trinken wir zwei Heh,...Learn More
  9. [Lyric] The Lovely Wounded (TRAITRS)

    Is this fire the only light in your eyes When you burn down our skyline in your eyes Is there no way of hiding in your eyes Before we are the ashes in your eyes Either way our failure's determined in your eyes And by the way we lie in ember in your eyes Just stay right here beside me in your eyes Will we ever survive in your eyes Just stay right...Learn More
  10. [Lyric] ​money long (Zee6)

    [Chorus] If he want a problem we go pull up to his home Keep that .45 on me and I'm quick to do you wrong And I'm with the team with the gang moving strong Keep that Nina on me, make a nigga sing a song Pull up, we gon' smoke him we gon' smoke him like a bong Had to get his guap then I put my brothers on And I swear these hoes they be all in my...Learn More
  11. [Lyric] Im still dirty broke (Zelly Ocho)

    [Chorus] I got some xans and you already know Fuck on your hoe then go pick up my bro I heard she a fiend and she might want some coke Well you is in luck because I got me some coke I need me a bitch that's bad to the bone And I already do and she waiting at home Like what is you on why you calling my phone You already know that I trap on the...Learn More
    rapZelly Ocho
  12. [Lyric] Era Duplicate (The King (Singer))

    Verse 1 Maine logo ke bhi beech khade dekhi tanhaayi Jitni kamayi utni hi waah waahi Mere paas koi degree ni dil jeetne ki Dil se hi gaayi aur kardi chadhayi Main kalla bhukka betha reha kayi dina tak Beri khush hoye soche chal gaya luck Maine jaan ke ye saare muh maarne ko chhode Kyuki Kutton ke hisse ka sher khata nahi haq Pre-Chorus Group...Learn More
    popThe King (Singer)