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  1. [Lyric] The Company (Emma Ruth Rundle)

    So loud that the company I keep is just mine It's the center of my troubles And white is the color of the noise it’s making And why I drink myself to sleep Soak, divide Deform, defiled, I So quiet, the melody I sing that's just mine Is the center of my troubles And life isn't tethered, just a toll that’s taking And why I go to sleep to leave...Learn More
    rockEmma Ruth Rundle
  2. [Lyric] Open Up Your Eyes (The Churchills - )

    Hey! [Intro] [Verse 1] Take a look around you, faces Lips and teeth and eyes Diamond rings and pretty thing And arms and legs and thighs Take a look around you And you have to realise You're not a little stone You respond to forces Open up your eyes [Chorus] Take a look around you Take a look around you Take a look around you Yeah [Verse...Learn More
    rockThe Churchills -
  3. [Lyric] Jinsulte Dgoat (Lil Pilou)

    LIL PILOU A LA PROD [Couplet][Lil Pilou] Je mange des nègres tous les jours de bon matin J’ai tué un gars et je me suis lavé les mains J’ai tellement de force que je soulève même Mélissandre Je suis le boss du rap FR et je vous transforme en Gruyère J’ai percé vous allez couler J’ai trop mangé je vais exploser Ziak ce mec c’est une arnaque Je...Learn More
    rapLil Pilou
  4. [Lyric] Over/Under the Weather (Autumn Rhythm)

    Ever-changing I took the pen, still warm from her hand Wrote down some bad ideas Buried my good ones in the sand Where are you taking me? Somewhere I’d like to be? No more exciting words In my vocabulary And, when I get there It should be done all up in stats See how many times I turned away from you See how many stars I didn’t look up at Where...Learn More
    rockAutumn Rhythm
  5. [Lyric] Hot Cheetos and Takies Rap (Jonah Ranz)

    Hot Cheetos and Takis Hot Cheetos and Takis What could be better than Hot Cheetos and Takis? Takis and Hot Cheetos Takis and Hot Cheetos Takis and Hot Cheetos and Torpedos and Dynamite Doritos Put that stuff on Mac' and Cheese Load it up with everything Scoop it with the spicy wing Until you're gonna go pooping Your mouth is on fire You got no...Learn More
    rapJonah Ranz
  6. [Lyric] Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy ALBUM REVIEW (Anthony Fantano)

    [Intro] Kanye West. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. [Review] Hi everyone, Anthony Fantano here, the Internet's busiest music nerd. It's time for a review of an album review, an album that everyone has been begging for, begging for, hey. Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Before listening to this album, I had all this stuff just...Learn More
    miscAnthony Fantano
  7. [Lyric] SugarCrash (Kawai Sprite)

    S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-sauce S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-sauce Bacon and cheese Bacon and cheese Bacon and cheese Bacon and cheese Bacon and cheese Bacon and cheese Bacon and cheese Some of my favorites (Inconprehensible) TIME TO PRAY Oh, I am powerful, I got a beard And I got hair on my ankles Don't mess with me, I have a gun I have a gu- Praise Jesus Praise...Learn More
    miscKawai Sprite
  8. [Lyric] Слушай детка Listen baby (Frank_official_rap)

    [Текст песни «Слушай детка»] [Вступление] Она мне говорит - ничего не надо Она мне говорит - просто будь рядом Она мне говорит - я всему рада Но сама Но сама Но сама Вертит задом [Припев] Слушай детка Эти bitches Что-то там хотели со мной на личном Я ценю, что ты не истеричка И потому отгружаю в ЛУИ наличку Слушай детка Эти bitches Что-то...Learn More
  9. [Lyric] Soulja Boy - Rick Morty Traduzione Italiana (Genius Traduzioni Italiane)

    [Intro] Draco EliTrill Soulja Rick e Morty (Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick) P-P-PlayMajor (Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick) Yeah, ayy (Yeah) [Ritornello] Rick e Morty, Rick e Morty (Yeah) Rick e Morty, Rick e Morty Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick Rick e Morty (Yeah), Rick e Morty (Yeah) Rick e Morty (Yeah), Rick e Morty Rick, Rick, Rick,...Learn More
    rapGenius Traduzioni Italiane
  10. [Lyric] Bad Beach Quest (Tube)

    ※Doke! Doke! Doke! しっと心 Doke! Doke! Doke! ねたみグセ Doke! Doke! Doke! オレから出てってくれ Doke! Doke! Doke! トラウマ君 Doke! Doke! Doke! 後悔君 Doke! Doke! Doke! オレに構わないでくれ※ 泳ぎたいんだ 誰も知らないBeachで 思いっきり オレだけの バタフライ △Yuke! Yuke! Yuke! 本能で Yuke! Yuke! Yuke! つっぱしれ Yuke! Yuke! Yuke! 地図なんて必要ねぇ Tobe! Tobe! Tobe! しがらみを Tobe! Tobe! Tobe! 断ち切って Tobe! Tobe! Tobe! 魂でBad Beach...Learn More
  11. [Lyric] Twice - YOUNG WILD Traduction Française (Genius Traductions Franaises)

    Il y a un tas de choses dont nous devions nous soucier dans la vie Mais tu sais Nous sommes jeunes et sauvages Alors éclate-toi! Tu peux te sentir spécial Car, rien ne peut nous arrêter Porte les vêtements qui te plaisent Ne respecte pas leurs critères, c'est une nouvelle collection Je me sens satisfaite Évacuons ensemble le stress accumulé de la...Learn More
    popGenius Traductions Franaises
  12. [Lyric] Sidewalk Child (Danny Hammons)

    Bless you, sidewalk child Your whole life on your back Youve been walking now for miles Bless you, sidewalk child Highway miles, railroad tracks Keep on tramping kid Dont look back Highway miles, railroad tracks Bless you, sidewalk child The whole world is your home It stretches on for miles Bless you, sidewalk child Bless you, sidewalk...Learn More
    countryDanny Hammons