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  1. [Lyric] Nie było już nic (Sok (PL))

    [Tekst piosenki "Nie było już nic"] [Refren] Staliśmy z nimi tam pod tym blokiem Gdzie matki wciąż wołały ich z okien Przycięli ich jak stary disc jockey Jak mijasz, idź bokiem, lepiej szybkim krokiem Nie miałem wtedy nic, chciałem trochę I wszedłem nagle w to, jak w drift bokiem Myślałem, co będzie z nimi potem Ale potem nie było już...Learn More
    rapSok (PL)
  2. [Lyric] Чёрный Лёха Black Lexa (DONI (RUS))

    [Текст песни "Чёрный Лёха"] Во дворе стоит у меня чёрный Лёжа С моего окна он смотрится неплохо Раз, два, три мотор, заводи, мажор Эй, красавица, садись, подвезу домой Во дворе стоит у меня чёрный Лёжа С моего окна он смотрится неплохо Раз, два, три мотор, заводи, мажор Эй, красавица, садись, подвезу домой На нашем районе я самый блатной Еду на...Learn More
    rapDONI (RUS)
  3. [Lyric] Schnell machen (Sa4)

    [Songtext zu „Schnell machen“ ft. Gzuz & Bonez MC] [Part 1: Bonez MC] Jeden Tag auf Opiaten, Schlafen ist mein Hobby 24 Stunden Gangster, frag doch meine Story Dicka, wie'n Wikinger, Norddeutscher bis ich sterbe 23 Zoll Chrom, paar hundert Pferde Guck in die Sterne auf Jamaika und bin high Eine Flasche Rum, ja und? Vielleicht trinken wir zwei Heh,...Learn More
  4. [Lyric] ​money long (Zee6)

    [Chorus] If he want a problem we go pull up to his home Keep that .45 on me and I'm quick to do you wrong And I'm with the team with the gang moving strong Keep that Nina on me, make a nigga sing a song Pull up, we gon' smoke him we gon' smoke him like a bong Had to get his guap then I put my brothers on And I swear these hoes they be all in my...Learn More
  5. [Lyric] Im still dirty broke (Zelly Ocho)

    [Chorus] I got some xans and you already know Fuck on your hoe then go pick up my bro I heard she a fiend and she might want some coke Well you is in luck because I got me some coke I need me a bitch that's bad to the bone And I already do and she waiting at home Like what is you on why you calling my phone You already know that I trap on the...Learn More
    rapZelly Ocho
  6. [Lyric] If It Works Pt. 1 The Written (Brother Earth)

    *Talking* [IE] I've just been doing this thing and like some good stuff is coming out of it It''s pretty dope, dude [Ception] Two loops right? [IE] Mhm [Ception] So right after this? [IE] Yeah bro, right after this [Verse 1 Ception] Submit to the beat Listen as we spit philosophies like Socrates You sound different like So Crates You're so...Learn More
    rapBrother Earth
  7. [Lyric] 10 Ans (Blaiz)

    [Paroles de "10 ans"] [Couplet 1] Dix ans qu'je t'aime, et j'suis mieux quand tu m'appelles pas d'la semaine Mon cœur s'est fait une attelle parfois je bois et parfois j'ai besoin d'zeb J'suis seul chez moi mais parfois j'ai besoin d'sexe Donc j'vois des femmes, j'sais bien qu'j'ai besoin de plaire Elles aimeraient me connaître moi, mais bon moi...Learn More
  8. [Lyric] Incognito (Malcom Mufunde & Synik)

    Verse: Malcom Mufunde Shout out to my peers for the peer pressure, I'm glad Coz you kept egging me on until I hatched Cured my weakest spot and made my Achilles heal So I could run the streets longer with my marathon skill And drop bars then put 'em behind bars when they steal These Dunlop rappers reinventing the wheel They feel what I say 'cause I...Learn More
    rapMalcom Mufunde & Synik
  9. [Lyric] Northstar Yours (Xhef & Teekoh)

    [Verse: Xhef] Its all mine Its all yours We on time We on course We on the road less traveled Looking for the north Know strangers got a gavel When you strange in force Know my death won't be a hassle Just pass the torch Remember all the times When my ass would bring joy If I’m gone too soon Nature took its course See me in the casket Kiss me on...Learn More
    rapXhef & Teekoh

    [Intro: DIRTY] Y'all niggas need to start being honest with yourselves, bruh Don't hold yourself back [Chorus: DIRTY] I want you to feel what I feel I want you to take what I take, what I Fuck, nigga I don't give myself no fuckin' breaks (Man, nah) I don't wanna hear that bullshit I want you to feel what I feel I want you to take what I take...Learn More
  11. [Lyric] Caos generale (ElDoMino)

    [Testo di "Caos generale"] [Strofa 1] Ne ho conosciuta una in centro, tipica tipa da parcheggio Gonna corta, maglia corta e aveva corto anche il cervello Era in fotta coi Labello, lei pensava: "Quant'è bello" Io immaginavo invece cosa avesse fatto con l'ucce*** Siamo seri ormai è un bordello, a 12 anni sono Top Io alla sua età nemmeno sapevo di...Learn More
  12. [Lyric] Vitamina D (Leti Sene)

    [Letra de "Vitamina D"] [Intro: Leïti Sene] Yeah, yeah, oh Chino, ah-ah Yeah, yeah, Leïti Sene, yeah [Estribillo: Leïti Sene] Quita de en medio Qué me estás quitando rayos de sol; sungazing Aún no tengo claro sí o no, vivo en la peli Oh, ¿sí o no? Qué pesado, que te esperes ¿O qué quieres? El cuero del nuevo Range Rover lo quiero negro Una casita...Learn More
    rapLeti Sene