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  1. [Lyric] Go Get It (Eric Bellinger)

    [Intro] Didn't even cry Didn't even cry [Pre-Chorus] She want Chanel, she want a Birkin She wanna ride in the Rolls with the curtains She want that brand new Balenciaga She want that Gucci, that Louis, that Prada (Gucci, Louis, and Prada) She want them big trips out the city But that nigga was broke, so he wasn't with it (Oh, ooh, woah, ooh,...Learn More
    rbEric Bellinger
  2. [Lyric] Pretty Reaper (Cobra Sway)

    [Intro] No, ha [Verse 1] When they beat me up When they drowned me down When they dimmed my light I felt it When they threatened me Standing on my face When they blurred my sight No one helped me [Bridge] And they took my life I lost all of the pieces (I got you here with me) But I'm picking them up with the sound of my speakers (Promise I'll...Learn More
    rbCobra Sway
  3. [Lyric] GREE - HOME Romanized (Genius Romanizations)

    Ttak han siganman deo jamyeon jinjjaro nan Haengbokal geonman gata eojetbam nan wae Allameun jeonghwakan sigane matchun geolkka Maesae deombeongdaemyeonseo Ajik pigonhande gyeolguk tto jibeul naga Paran haneulmajeo hoesaekbit haneul gata Ije sijaginde dasi nuneul gamgo Amu uimi eopjiman jumuneul oewo Ooh ooh ooh ooh Ooh ooh ooh ooh Keun geol...Learn More
    rbGenius Romanizations
  4. [Lyric] Paranoia (Sammy Keys)

    Back against the wall Tell me who you gon call When we was up I was tryna ball Fell down bad and I had to fall And I can see whos real through these Cartier lense I don't need friends all my friends they dead bitch And they want smoke with me Then they can hit the blunt My nigga trigger finger itching And the perks calling Man fuck it we gon be up...Learn More
    rbSammy Keys
  5. [Lyric] Don’t Know What To Tell Ya Handcuff Remix (Aaliyah)

    (Intro) You wanna handcuff, handcuff You-you wanna handcuff me You wanna handcuff handcuff me You-you want my intimacy (cy) Boy, I don’t know what to handcuff You want to handcuff me You-you wanna handcuff me (Verse 1) Incarnation, what I’m facin When I’m with you You’re watching my every move Or are we playin 20 questions Tryin to pick up on some...Learn More
  6. [Lyric] Overdrive (fawlin & biteki)

    [Chorus] Wish I'd flip the switch and just make it all alright I can’t say I'm sorry 'cause I do that all the time Feel it in my head, god, I feel it in my spine I’ve been hella fried, think my head’s in overdrive [Verse] Oh, my mind got me trippin so bad I can’t understand why i’m always upset I’m so fuckin lonely even when i’m with the...Learn More
    rbfawlin & biteki
  7. [Lyric] Frank Ocean - Solo Tradução em Português (Genius Brasil Tradues)

    [Verso 1] Me dê uma toalha, estou sujo dançando sozinho Deixei de lado aquele ácido Forme um círculo pra mim, observe o meu Jagger Posso perder minha jaqueta e fazer um solo, uma vez Estamos muito chapados em público, a polícia recusou a função Agora estamos do lado de fora e o momento é perfeito Esqueci de te dizer, preciso te dizer o quanto eu...Learn More
    rbGenius Brasil Tradues
  8. [Lyric] Wawundithembisile Acoustic (Zolani Mahola)

    [Intro] Weh Mariah khawundive xa ndikhala Undinike ithemba ndingenalo Ndinqwenela ukudibana emhlabeni Z'undikhumbule xa ndiphambi kwakho enyameni [Chorus] Undisule ngezandla ezingcwele Iinyembezi zam Undisekelele Ubuso bakho undibonise Njengoko wawundithembisile Wawundithembisile Wawundithembisile (Undi thembisile) Wawundithembisile (Undi...Learn More
    rbZolani Mahola
  9. [Lyric] Bouncin Remix (SADBOYMUSIC)

    [Verse 1] Got your VVS's on (VVS) Rose gold pieces with the Versace thong (Whew) Lay it down, put it on me like on script Got the H2O dripping just for the drip (Drip, Drip, Ugh) Don't hit me when you want it on the late night (late night) Come and put on me slow mo with the slow grind (Slow mo with the slow grind) Got Mary Jane just for the...Learn More
  10. [Lyric] Still Wonder (Alex Isley & Jack Dine)

    [Verse 1: Alex Isley] How do I get to the heal? Hard to assess how I feel nowadays Think in my mind, something changed Struggling here, in the interface [Pre-Chorus: Alex Isley] In between self-love and the loss of you Moment in time and I know the truth Broke down, just what we were meant to do It's a hard pill too, 'cause [Chorus: Alex Isley] I...Learn More
    rbAlex Isley & Jack Dine

    [VERSE 1:] I don’t want to have to say it twice (I don’t wanna have to say it twice nah) I don’t ever have to say it once She know i’m that (she know i’m that nigga) She know she get (she know she get figures) Want me to put you in your place But I don’t give a fuck You saw another girl over here Saw the strands of her hair And a used condom and...Learn More
  12. [Lyric] Brown Skin Girl Live at SXSW 2015 (Leon Bridges)

    [Verse 1] Brown skin girl on the other side of the room A brown skin girl staring with her brown eyes Ooh, baby, don't you know you're a cutie pie? [Chorus] Princess, little honey with the polka-dot dress on Ruby-lipped lady whose name I don't know Let me tell you, darling Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh, baby Ooh-ooh-ooh,...Learn More
    rbLeon Bridges