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  1. [Lyric] MELIORA (Brand Thaniel)

    Feeling better by myself Open up the gates so I won't walk away, (walk away, walk away) I don't wanna be myself Will you come through when I look at other ways, (other ways, other ways) I'm rich but I drive alone Call me when I walk through the stone Find me when you reach my home So when you through So when you through Clouds are gray Livin'...Learn More
    rbBrand Thaniel
  2. [Lyric] Skydive (Alicia Keys)

    Sometimes It's pouring rain Houselights are out I need you to follow my direction Yeah, follow me I'm fallin' out Lock and load me, hold my hand If we go high We can skydive Up in the sky Only rely On you and I Whoa, yeah If we go high We can skydive Up in the sky Only rely On you and I Whoa, yeah If we fall down If we fall down If we fall...Learn More
    rbAlicia Keys
  3. [Lyric] Paranoid (A boy named ROSA)

    [Verse 1] I never knew I was a little strange till I got a little older, older I’m using what I’m using to refrain from me ever getting sober, sober I’m dealing with an ex girl I thought I’d never get over, over Sitting in the bathroom Ketamine got me all paranoid Paranoid, yeah [Chorus] Paranoid am I losing my mind Man am I losing my...Learn More
    rbA boy named ROSA
  4. [Lyric] Continue Ma Route (Mark Brathwaite)

    [Chorus] J’ai vu tout, je continue ma route Je continue ma route oui J’ai vu tout, je continue ma route Je continue ma route oui [Verse 1] I see the highs and the lows I felt the heat and the cold I saw the drama unfold When friends become foes You were on my mind like day and night Lying to my face but I see the light Karma’s got an...Learn More
    rbMark Brathwaite
  5. [Lyric] Pick Up (Samuel Nzinga)

    [Chorus] Me finna call you Pick up Darling pick up 4x [verse 1] I love you darling I’m so so sorry if I offended you I’m so selfish Forgive me darling I lost my temper You know this usually never happens Girl you know I don’t do things like this You know I always fight for us You know I could give you everything You know I love you with all my...Learn More
    rbSamuel Nzinga
  6. [Lyric] The Private Sector (Stick Against Stone)

    For people in need of food and housing (The private sector will care for you) For people in need of medical care (The private sector will care for you) If unemployment is high where you are (The private sector will change that, too) They get it with racist hiring practices (The private sector will change that, too) The private sector (the private...Learn More
    rbStick Against Stone
  7. [Lyric] Becky G - LBD Traducción al Español (Genius Traducciones al Espaol)

    [Intro] Brrp, brrp [Coro] Cada vez que me ves con mi vestidito negro puesto Oh, me necesitas Di que quieres un hacer cositas, puedo verlo Quieres ser adulto, no, clasificado PG Cariño, debes saber que no soy fácil [Post-Coro] Con mi pequeño vestido negro puesto Con mi pequeño vestido negro puesto Con mi pequeño vestido negro puesto Pequeño...Learn More
    rbGenius Traducciones al Espaol
  8. [Lyric] Good Enough AM/FM 1 (Bobby Brown)

    [Intro] (Harder and harder) Yeah (I'll make it good to you) This is like the old times (Harder and harder, pumpin' every minute) I know a lot of you all out there can relate to the old times (Harder and harder, I'll make it good to you) So this one's for you (And I will not stop 'til I know you're hot) Yeah Listen [Verse 1] If I take you back in...Learn More
    rbBobby Brown
  9. [Lyric] Never Know (Jasmine Clarke)

    [Verse 1] Know that there's so many reasons To tell me we won't last another season Maybe it is just the way I'm feeling I feel like- I'm feeling like you- [Verse 2] Always see the outside problems Can't even imagine how we'll solve 'em Every second I'm thinking that we could- Defy the odds and carry on [Chorus] Maybe I'm just trying to Change...Learn More
    rbJasmine Clarke
  10. [Lyric] 긴 꿈 Daydream (B.I)

    [비아이 "긴 꿈" ft. 이하이 가사] [Chorus: LEE HI] 길고 긴 꿈을 꾸었나 모든 게 낯설기만 해 너무 많은 감정을 네 옆에 두고 왔나 봐 긴 꿈을 꾸었나 쉽게 잊으라 하기엔 내게 과분할 만큼 기억이 달콤했잖아 [Verse 1: B.I] 엉망이 된 기분 내 머릿속은 재난 눈 떠보니 다시 덩그러니 내 방 꿈만 같았는데 정말 꿈이었나 봐, yeah 기적보다 황홀했던 나의 시선 끝에 세상 그곳의 너는 슬퍼 보였는데 왜일까 떠나야만 하는 나를 알고 있었나, yeah [Pre-Chorus: B.I] 현실감각 없고 빈혈기에 어지러 희미한 기억의 끝자락 어딘갈 거닐어 온기가 남아있는 손등에 물기를 엎질러 아직...Learn More
  11. [Lyric] Xanax (Nppen)

    [Chorus: ilyTaimo] Just popped a xanny Sleepy eyes, 'finna go take a nappy Yeah, I got them white J's on my feet On the table a treat so i'm not feeling shabby Fuck Insta, i'll go take a Snappy In the studio with Näpp, so i'm happy Yeah we got documentaries on While i'm making a song I be feeling the xanny Written on hands that i'm anti Got a brim,...Learn More
  12. [Lyric] Sweet The Kid - Muse Romanized (Genius Romanizations)

    [Chorus] Baby girl, you're my muse (Baby, you're my muse) I noraeneun from you (I noraeneun from you) Shawty, you're my muse (Oh, no, no, no) I noraeneun from you, you (Sweet) [Verse 1] Oh-uh Nan cheonnune ttak banhaesseo you, uh (Ooh) Nan neol gajigo sipeo modu (Uh, uh) Neoui modeun moksorineun muse (Muse, muse) Naege deo say Nae nune bichin neo...Learn More
    rbGenius Romanizations