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  1. [Lyric] Ke Mthandile (Waks)

    Verse 1 I love the fact that i can tell whenever she's lying She never met somebody like me can't deny that Get the picture I can only frame her She gon meet me later Em rumours know that she don't need makeup Em rumours thought that i was gon lay low So many friends who i thought we cool but now we strangers Get the picture Do you get the...Learn More
  2. [Lyric] Cant See Stars (Erin Rae)

    [Verse 1: Erin Rae] Well, I ain’t seen stars in a million moons 'Cause of that light pollution If they think of a solution I Hope they let us know So I drive out to that further place Where there are no interruptions Just me alone, just me beneath An old familiar glow [Chorus: Erin Rae & Kevin Morby] Can’t see stars (Can’t see stars) Can’t see...Learn More
    countryErin Rae
  3. [Lyric] Sensiz Kalan Gönlümde (Emel Sayn)

    ["Sensiz Kalan Gönlümde" için şarkı sözleri] [Bölüm 1] Sensiz kalan gönlümde bil ki hayat virane Bil ki hayat virane Sen yoksun ya yanımda, bu âlemden bana ne Bu âlemden bana ne [Refrain] Sen yoksun ya yanımda, bu âlemden bana ne Bu âlemden bana ne [Bölüm 2] Bu dünyada sevmeyen ya deli ya divane Ya deli ya divane [Refrain] Sen yoksun ya...Learn More
    countryEmel Sayn
  4. [Lyric] Taylor Swift - State of Grace Türkçe Çeviri (Genius Trke eviri)

    [Verse 1] Trafik ışıkları boyunca hızlıca yürüyorum İşlek caddeler ve meşgul hayatlar Ve tüm bildiğimiz belirsizlik Değişen fikirlerimizle yalnızız Acıtana ya da kanatana kadar aşık oluruz Ya da zamanla unutulup gidene kadar [Chorus] Ve ben hiç (hiç) Senin geldiğini görmedim Ve ben hiçbir zaman (hiçbir zaman) Aynı olmayacağım [Verse 2] Sen...Learn More
    countryGenius Trke eviri
  5. [Lyric] Lay Me Down (Amber Lynn Nicol)

    Baby, we each got our problems I still love you in the end Even though you drive me crazy You'll always be my best friend If I could change something about you And boy I wouldn't change a thing You're my life You are my angel You're the reason my heart sings And I don't want to argue (Chorus) Lay me down Kiss me sweeter Than you ever kissed a...Learn More
    countryAmber Lynn Nicol
  6. [Lyric] Half As Much (Stonewall Jackson)

    If you love me half as much as I love you You wouldn't worry me half as much as you do You're nice to me when there's no one else around You only build me up to let me down If you missed me half as much as I miss you You wouldn't stay away half as much as you do I know that I would never be this blue If you only loved me half as much as I love...Learn More
    countryStonewall Jackson
  7. [Lyric] Gökyüzünde Yalnız Gezen Yıldızlar (Emel Sayn)

    ["Gökyüzünde Yalnız Gezen Yıldızlar" için şarkı sözleri] [Bölüm 1] Gökyüzünde yalnız gezen yıldızlar Yeryüzünde sizin kadar yalnızım Bir haykırsam belki duyulur sesim Ben yalnızım, ben yalnızım, yalnızım Bir haykırsam belki duyulur sesim Ben yalnızım, ben yalnızım, yalnızım [Bölüm 2] Kaderim bu, böyle yazılmış yazım Hiç kimsenin aşkında yoktur...Learn More
    countryEmel Sayn
  8. [Lyric] Hello Good Feeling. Goodbye Memory (Mr Kyle)

    [Verse] Woke up early this morning Had a bad case of the blues Came on without any warning So i went back and laid there a few Mind is still sifting, I'm just a listening Quietly begging it stop It serves the next notion to cling to From the pile of reasons its got [Chorus] Hello good feelings, goodbye memory Life has found new meaning, for a...Learn More
    countryMr Kyle
  9. [Lyric] Six Days (Steve Hess & Southern Salvation)

    Six days seems a long time For God to make all things But God always has a purpose A lesson for you and me A calendar of time for all of man On the seventh day He rested So we could understand Six days, God gave an example Six days, a schedule for man Could have done it in the blink of an eye He is God, the Great I Am God set the world in...Learn More
    countrySteve Hess & Southern Salvation
  10. [Lyric] You Got Me (Alex Smart)

    [Verse] The way your brown eyes Rival the stars in the night It's when you get me now The way your long hair Rolls off the side of your face With the windows down That’s when you get me now [Pre-Chorus] Cause you, you got me yeah Ooh, I can’t breath [Chorus] Yeah, you You make it so easy I can hardly breath When I’m with you Come a little...Learn More
    countryAlex Smart
  11. [Lyric] I Will Let You Go (Joe Purdy)

    Wish I could show you all the things that I've known Lessons they've learned harder when you're on your own Sometimes I go crazy, lately I'm just tired But I will let you go Wish I could show you all the things that I've seen Deserts to the oceans of your wildest dreams My eyes are taking woundries more than I can bear Cause I've had my share I...Learn More
    countryJoe Purdy
  12. [Lyric] Fruto Especial (Eduardo Costa)

    Gosto quando sua mão Vem passear no meu corpo Atrevida me assanha Me atiça, me arranha Me deixando quase louco Gosto quando seu olhar Quer te ver dentro do meu Minha pupila dilata Num segundo ela relata Que o meu amor é seu Só sei que você faz De um jeito assim Que alguém jamais Tirou de mim O puro mel Que eu guardei para adoçar O fruto...Learn More
    countryEduardo Costa