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  1. [Lyric] Sprout (Serulian)

    Im feeling kinda pretty oh my gooosh he he he he he he COMPLIMENT ME. PLEASE. aha he he If only I was stronger I'd tell you how I feel Heyyyyy, watcha doooing So yawh, whats uuuuuuuuup I fell asleeeeeep wassuuuuuuup Russian style motherfucker ahee Here it...Learn More
  2. [Lyric] For a Girl (Laine Hardy)

    [Verse 1] Be layin' on the floor Bought a pawn shop guitar New wheels on my car New ink on my arm For a girl I missed opening day Let the buck get away I couldn't watch the Tigers play But I saved my Saturday [Chorus] For a girl With her arms around her knees Sittin' on the front steps Waitin' on me Prettiest thing you've ever seen, my new...Learn More
    countryLaine Hardy
  3. [Lyric] Cunumi Carrero (Teresa Parodi)

    Allá donde el viejo pueblo Se junta con las estrellas Te veo venir genaro Guapeando al anochecer De siesta se fue tu carro Herido de resolana Repleto con las naranjas Que al pueblo fuiste a vender Cunumí carrero llévame a tu lado A ver si llegamos al amanecer De ese día nuevo que buscamos tanto Y que no tiene еspinas para la niñez El ala de tu...Learn More
    countryTeresa Parodi
  4. [Lyric] Lovin Me (Rascal Flatts)

    [Verse 1] Now there are days when I do not have a clue where to find me My shadow feels like a stranger lagging behind me I feel like a king of I cannot get a break, bad timing But the reason, the questions and my second guessing Do not hang around to long [Chorus] You keep loving me, loving me, loving me, loving me, loving me baby You keep loving...Learn More
    countryRascal Flatts
  5. [Lyric] Botequinho (Z Neto & Cristiano)

    [Letra de "Botequinho" com Zé Neto & Cristiano] [Verso] Ainda me lembro, como se fosse agora O caminhão de frete parado aqui na porta 'Cê juntava suas coisa, eu tirava de volta [Pré-Refrão] Mas não teve jeito, você caiu fora Tem mais de um mês e a saudade tá aqui ainda 'Cê muda duas vidas quando decidiu sair da minha [Refrão] Depois que você foi...Learn More
    countryZ Neto & Cristiano
  6. [Lyric] Swap Meet (Phineas and Ferb)

    [DANNY JACOB] We got chrome-plated carburetors, calibrated regulators Tube socks, cuckoo clocks, multi-colored alligators Taxidermy jackalope, presidential bar soap You can find it all at the swap meet You can take it away if you can fit it in your ride Gotta lower the seat and then give it a slide But there are things you gotta know when you head...Learn More
    countryPhineas and Ferb
  7. [Lyric] Lovely Cruise Live (Jimmy Buffett)

    [Verse 1] Drink it up, this one's for you It's been a lovely cruise I'm sorry it's ending, oh it's sad, but it's true It's been a lovely cruise [Chorus] These moments we're left with May you always remember These moments are shared by few I got wind in my hair I got margaritas oozing outta of my shoes It's been a lovely cruise [Verse 2] These...Learn More
    countryJimmy Buffett
  8. [Lyric] Stand Your Ground Acoustic (Travis Tritt)

    [Verse 1] I've been called a hell-raiser A honky-tonk trailblazer A rebel soul for damn near all my life And when they tried to change me I never let it phase me I kept my nose to the grindstone in the barrooms every night [Pre-Chorus] Played the old songs A few of mine I did it my way, it worked every time [Chorus] Don't let no one tell you how...Learn More
    countryTravis Tritt
  9. [Lyric] Bir Akşam Dönüşü (Adnan enses)

    [1. Bölüm] Bir akşam dönüşü oldu olanlar Yuvamız yıkılmış, tarumar olmuş Binbir ümitle tuttuğum dallar Gördüm ki zalimce nasıl yıkılmış [Nakarat] Kader değil elbet, kul yaptı bunu Kırdı kanadımı, kırdı kolumu Orada gördüm ben ilk kez ölümü Bir akşam dönüşü oldu olanlar [2. Bölüm] Dünyamın direği yıkıldı düştü Gökteki ay yıldız aşkıma düştü Yanan...Learn More
    countryAdnan enses
  10. [Lyric] Vibes (Icy Pluto)

    Te llevo de party, nos vamo' en el Bugatti mami La pasamo' bien, trae la perco y la molly Ya se que tu quiere conmigo, así que ponte pa' mi Yo soy el único que en el sex, te baja el panties Pero tu estai clara que como yo no hay ninguno (No, No) Que de los besos como yo (Yeah) Con los Calvin Klein baby hagámoslo Trépate me' encima shorty...Learn More
    countryIcy Pluto
  11. [Lyric] If Heaven Had a Weekend (Sean Stemaly)

    [Verse 1] We'd all get to fish with our grandpas Even though God's called him home Eat Sunday supper with grandma Even long after she's gone That once in a lifetimer bird dog It wouldn't be so hard to lose If once every week they could just spread their wings And come back for a day or two [Chorus] And there would be tears But not near as many And...Learn More
    countrySean Stemaly
  12. [Lyric] Ke Mthandile (Waks)

    Verse 1 I love the fact that i can tell whenever she's lying She never met somebody like me can't deny that Get the picture I can only frame her She gon meet me later Em rumours know that she don't need makeup Em rumours thought that i was gon lay low So many friends who i thought we cool but now we strangers Get the picture Do you get the...Learn More