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  1. [Lyric] Killa Cam (Cam'ron)

    [Chorus: Opera Steve & Cam'ron] Killa Cam, Killa Cam, Cam Killa Cam, Killa Cam Killa Cam, Cam Killa Cam, Killa Cam, Cam Killa Killa Killa Cam Killa Cam, Cam, Killa (Killa!) Killa Cam, Killa Cam, Cam (Bases loaded) Killa Cam, Killa Cam (Uh-huh) Killa Cam, Cam (Santana on second, Jim on third) Killa Cam, Killa Cam, Cam (I'm at bat) Killa Killa Killa...Learn More
  2. [Lyric] Can I Live (JAY-Z)

    [Produced by Irv Gotti] [Intro] Yeah, hah, yeah, Roc-A-Fella We invite you to somethin' epic, you know? Well, we hustle out of a sense of hopelessness Sort of a desperation Through that desperation, we become addicted Sort of like the fiends we accustomed to servin' But we feel we have nothin' to lose So, we offer you, well, we offer our lives,...Learn More
  3. [Lyric] Forgive Me Father (Fabolous)

    Maybe cause I'm eatin And these bastards fiend for they grub I carry pumps like I serve gasoline to these scrubs Have you seen my Aston leanin on dubs And they can't afford chrome so they puttin Vaseline on they hubs I'm lookin for a girl with a ass like Trina to rub Take home and let her watch the plasma screen in the tub These niggas hate I move...Learn More
  4. [Lyric] Down and Out (Cam'ron)

    [Produced by Kanye West and Brian Miller] [Intro: Cam'ron & Kanye West] Ugh, Killa! Baby! Kanye, this that 1970s Heron flow, huh? Yeah, let's speed it up Ugh, I'm back in, ugh, ugh They don't know we finna kill the game this year Killa! 'Ye! C'mon! [Verse 1: Cam'ron] Ayo, street mergers, I legislated; the nerve, I never hated On murders,...Learn More
  5. [Lyric] Fly In (Lil Wayne)

    [Intro] So they ask me "Young boy What you gon' do the second time around? How you gon' come back?" I tried told 'em "I come back like 32 I jump back like 33" Ugh, hit me That's nothing This is Tha Carter II, people This is Tha Carter II, people Hey [Verse] They call me Mr. Carter, I kissed the daughter Of the dead's forehead, I killed the...Learn More
    rapLil Wayne
  6. [Lyric] Lollipop Remix (Lil Wayne)

    [Intro: Lil Wayne] Haha Uh-huh No homo (Young Mula, baby!) I say, he's so sweet, make her wanna lick the wrapper Remix, baby! [Verse 1: Kanye West] Lollipop, lollipop, breastses just like Dolly Parton She ride my spaceship 'til she hit the top That hit the spot 'Til she ask, "How many li-i-li-i-licks do it take" 'til she get to shop? Don't worry...Learn More
    rapLil Wayne
  7. [Lyric] Im Not You (Clipse)

    [Intro: Pusha T] No, no, no! I told you, I lived this shit I ain't up here just rappin' and tappin' Spittin' and skittin' and shit Naw, uh-uh, not me I'm not you, I'm not you, rapper I'm not you, Pusha [Verse 1: Pusha T] I keep that ziploc bustin at the stitches Culinary chemist, I serve the malicious To break the fiends fixes, one give you the...Learn More
  8. [Lyric] Family Ties (Cam'ron)

    [Verse 1: Cam'ron] Killa, Dipset Man I spit that pimp talk, you hang out where the pimps collide It's a pimp in my ride, no need to pimp the ride This ain't the pimp camp: pimp limp, pimp stance Pimp-slap a slim tramp, order steak, shrimp scamp Ok-k-kay, you g-g-gay I'll soufflé ya toupée and bottles be a bouquet Right where you stay, or where you...Learn More
  9. [Lyric] Rockin and Rollin (Cam'ron)

    [Verse 1] Ay yo you wonder who I are I guzzle up at the bar But you see me in the cars that start with the double R Range Rover, Rolls Royce, even got a Rocky Rolly See more ice than a hockey goalie Baby eating guacamole I did without Now I live it out Cars? got to whip it out Every year I get it out (Why?) I be long gone (Where?) probably Hong...Learn More
  10. [Lyric] Lord You Know (Cam'ron)

    [Chorus: Jaheim] Now Lord you know, just how hard I try To live my life and get it right Trying to see some light or even better Way over way a new day, someday Yesterday was filled with sorrow but tomorrow It gets better I know, tell you, I know [Verse 1: Cam'ron] With my muscle you'll be dazzled, but hustlin's a hassle Percocet, Demerol,...Learn More
  11. [Lyric] Money On My Mind (Lil Wayne)

    [Intro] Yeah Money on my mind, money on my mind (Yeah) Money on my mind, money—money on my mind (Yeah) Money on my mind, money on my mind (That's right) Money—money on my mind So money is all I think of (That's right) Money on my mind, money on my mind (Bitch) Money on my mind, m—m—m—money on my mind (You know) M—m—m—money on my mind...Learn More
    rapLil Wayne
  12. [Lyric] Think Yall Know (Fabolous)

    [Verse 1] You ain't never seen a nigga this large Motherfuck the house, the nigga's garage is as big as the projs I move from city to city like a nigga at large Smooth as Billy D, but it's Jigga's da bars Like you really gon' get me You look hard, but on the inside you softer than a silicon titty The chilla's wrong with me You can look at the kid...Learn More