Artist: Cam'ron
Lyrics of Artist: Cam'ron
  1. [Lyric] You Gotta Love It (Cam'ron)

    [Intro: Cam'ron] Uh Dipset! 'Fore I set it off Okay first off, you a bitch nigga Only reason I'm doin' this I'ma just name five reasons real quick, got 150, got 150 First, you stole Roc-A-Fella from Dame Second, you stole Kanye from Dame Third, you stole Rocawear from Dame Fourth, I seen the nigga throw that diamond up before them shots was...Learn More
  2. [Lyric] Bottom Of The Pussy Hole (Cam'ron)

    " I Wanna Give A Big Apology. To All The Females Out There I Swear To God I Didn't Kno What I Was Doin When I Was Doin It But Now Tht I Kno What I Was Doin. I'm a Tell Ya'll I'm Sry U Kno." Yo I hit the bottom of her pussy yal (pussy hole) Yep I hit the bottom of her pussy yal (pussy hole) Nope I ain't talking about her pussy wall (pussy hole) Yo I...Learn More
  3. [Lyric] Adrenaline (Cam'ron)

    [Intro: Cam'ron] Killa, Psycho Drama, Twista Chi-Town to Harlem, what's really good? [Break: Yung Buk of Psycho Drama and Twista] Part 2, what happens, when you combine the darkness, with the light? [Verse 1: Yung Buk of Psycho Drama (Cam'ron)] Yeah, I am more than compelled and honored to expel This hell that's inside of my shell for fuckers who...Learn More
  4. [Lyric] Hey Ma (Cam'ron)

    [Chorus: Freekey Zekey & (Toya), Both] Yeah, come on Hey ma (Wassup?) Let's slide (Alright) Alright - and we gon' get it on tonight You smoke? (I smoke) I drink (Me too) Well, good - 'cause we gon' get high tonight Got drops (Got coupes), got trucks (Got jeeps) Alright - 'cause we gon' take a ride tonight So ma (Wassup?) Let's slide...Learn More
  5. [Lyric] Get Em Daddy (Cam'ron)

    [Intro - Cam'ron] They say beauty's in the eye of the beholder That's why I look in the mirror every morning and realize how fly I am They wanna know what fuckin label I'm signing to I'm the C.E.O. of Diplomat Records, I sign myself Getchya cake up! [Verse 1 - Cam'ron] I'm like a crack addict With these Macs I've got a bad habit Clack-clack, in...Learn More
  6. [Lyric] Killa Cam (Cam'ron)

    [Chorus: Opera Steve & Cam'ron] Killa Cam, Killa Cam, Cam Killa Cam, Killa Cam Killa Cam, Cam Killa Cam, Killa Cam, Cam Killa Killa Killa Cam Killa Cam, Cam, Killa (Killa!) Killa Cam, Killa Cam, Cam (Bases loaded) Killa Cam, Killa Cam (Uh-huh) Killa Cam, Cam (Santana on second, Jim on third) Killa Cam, Killa Cam, Cam (I'm at bat) Killa Killa Killa...Learn More
  7. [Lyric] Get It In Ohio (Cam'ron)

    [Intro] What up, Midwest? They forgot about the fourth coast It ain't nothing though What up Arkansas, Minnesota, Kansas? Kentucky, Missouri, everybody in the Lou'! [Verse 1] Thinking bout Guy Fisher Never met him, but God damn, that's my nigga! I figure real estate invested pie flipper Never snitch, me, I'm in a bathrobe, fly slippers (I-80) Left...Learn More
  8. [Lyric] We Make Change (Cam'ron)

    [Verse 1: Cam'ron] Killa, yo I'm official nice, y'all niggas Fisher Price Fuck trout, you 'bout? Let's fish for ice This a wrist of light, get it right, a vicious price ($50,000) Plus my kicks are Nikes, this what the bitches like Like your bitchin' wife and sister might get tonight Mister right, kiss her right, make sure that her lips get...Learn More
  9. [Lyric] 1st of The Month (Cam'ron)

    [Verse 1 - Jim Jones] Ayo my Dip Set Taliban, we are not a crew We're more like a movement, more like in tune with The moon and the stars Some say I'll soon be doomed for them bars But I could be caught - pissy clubs Saloons and some bars Industry think that they grooming a star - nah I'm more like a thug misproving the odds Run around my city all...Learn More
  10. [Lyric] Get Ya Gun (Cam'ron)

    [Verse 1] That's my word (word!); I flip herb, birds Coke, crack, dope, smack; oh, snap! Heard, herb Should talk in sign language, y'all don't deserve words I get my serve swerved; may leave 'em 1st, 3rd Stop lyin'? Lie for what? Steer a whip, drive it up Steer a brick, pie it up; supply the stuff, fly as fuck Said word, (word!) nigga; just...Learn More
  11. [Lyric] Dip-Set Forever (Cam'ron)

    [Intro] Let's do it! Santana, Jim Jones, Killa, Freekey How long we gon' have this shit on lock, man? Yes sir, you gave me the right track Kanye [Verse 1] Listen, I been coppin' them P's and Maybe that's part of the reason I feel like a boxer: bobbin' and weavin' But I'm gettin' head, she's bobbin' her weave and (yes sir) I'm grabbin' her neck to...Learn More
  12. [Lyric] Leave Me Alone Pt. 2 (Cam'ron)

    [Verse 1] I be like: "Move! Get out the way" 'Cause I move bricks, get out the yay And it's 2 clips, I get out to play for Few chips, I get out and spray It's more than shrimps, it's whores and pimps The difference in our crimes, yours attempts Attempt burglary, attempt theft you just begun I'm Grand Theft Auto Racketeering, larceny, conspiracy,...Learn More