Song: Get Em Daddy
Artist:  Cam'ron
Year: 2006
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[Intro - Cam'ron]
They say beauty's in the eye of the beholder
That's why I look in the mirror every morning and realize how fly I am
They wanna know what fuckin label I'm signing to
I'm the C.E.O. of Diplomat Records, I sign myself
Getchya cake up!

[Verse 1 - Cam'ron]
I'm like a crack addict
With these Macs I've got a bad habit
Clack-clack, in the pen, back out, I'm back at it
It's like my lawyer know black magic, black rabbit
Out the black hat, black. Back home to my Craftmatic
Next to it: stash mattress. Under it: cash, bastard
Had them bitches ass-backwards, fuck 'em like a jackrabbit
Is she crab status? Call the girl a itchy twat
Stick me not, I go and get dutches, it's a 50-box
I got weed, hash; when I breeze past, breathe fast
Eat ass on point like Steve Nash
But I'm fixin to be OG Nixon in 3
Enough jewels, you fools - I'm cool! - my kicks are a G
I got tramp whores. Yours!
Been V.I.P. since B.I.G
I never seen a dance floor (Nope!)
Behind the velvet rope, pop bottles, hella smoke
Girls with contacts want contact, I tell 'em "nope!"
You go "Pon' de River": leave you in ponds and rivers
Don Juan, a Long John, the long arm of harm'll hitchya
We like the March Of Dimes the way we march with dimes
Good help is hard to find
Soft white the art I twine
Art design, archin' mine, Fresno to Clarke I'm fine
Sun ill, Gun Hill, back to Central park, it's mine (Mine!)
[Hook - Cam'ron]
'Til this day, dude, still followed by State troops
Gray Coupe, whip in momma's name
Made a mistake (oops!)
(Get 'em Daddy!) Daddy Got 'em, y'all glad he shot 'em
How me holiday? I love it when mommy say
(Get 'em Daddy!) Had to bite, put it on satellite
Get ya money up, jewelry tight, swagger right
(Get 'em Daddy!) Got 'em mommy, you my Gotham Bonnie
Cause I'm Batman with the pump, Johnny Johnny
(Get 'em Daddy!) Honey smile, don't act funny-style
In one ear, yeah yeah, 220 thou'

[Verse 2 - Hell Rell]
Po-Po wanna pick his brain, ho's wanna give him brain
We rose up to bigger fame, glows from the tennis chain
Make foes wanna get him slain, these hollows will twist a man
I left out of Clinton Max, got picked up by Killa Cam fam
We on another level, I'm bout to pull that Porsche out
And flood the other bezel, I get dug like shovels
Y'all niggas fuck with pebbles; I flip big boulders
Switch Rovers, hit 'em with the gun that's in his holster
You could gargle cum, ma; why sip soda?
These niggas wanna be Scarface, I'm with Sosa
You need to have my number if you wanna buy weight
Fuck a borough, we floodin' the whole Tri-State
20 thou' on the arm, more rocks on the charm
And I done copped from every damn haze spot on Audubon
Heavy weed smoker, get ounces for free
Add up everything you got, it ain't amountin' to me
I'm in the Crown Victoria, Mac in the back
See these little niggas rappin' to rap, man I just happen to rap
Know what I do: manufacturing crack
Keep talking, get you snatched for that scratch, clapped with the Mac
I'm 'bout to buy more guns, 'bout to buy more trucks
And when we on the road, bitches follow the tour bus
You mad cause you losing, plus in the Bronx
I'm responsible for most of the stabbings and the shootings

( Cam'ron )