Song: Gully TV DVD Freestyle
Artist:  Loaded Lux
Year: 2008
Viewed: 203 - Published at: a year ago

I been rocking since the cradle
Barfight, my jaw tight, my chin is stable
My kenel cable won't be stripped by any label
We gots to sticks together like chinks at the dinner table
Dope slingers, the throat stranglers
Shows, hoes hang out the rows like boat anchors
Coat hangers, I'm in the arms, launching on no-namers
I been battling scarecrows, this shit's been a no-brainer
He hoping bail come through
The jail feel like shampoo, that was the cell son blew
The brick get frail, piff go stale
It's like a nigga hustling always seem to tip with the scale
I got scripts in the mail, paint the slum block vivid
Where that young Pac kick it there's always some cop frisking
Heavy metal banging and we don't let the punks rock
And a nigga with the jumpshot clicking always the gunshot victim

( Loaded Lux )