Artist: Kay Ryan
Lyrics of Artist: Kay Ryan
  1. [Lyric] Flamingo Watching (Kay Ryan)

    Wherever the flamingo goes She brings a city’s worth Of furbelows. She seems Unnatural by nature — Too vivid and peculiar A structure to be pretty And flexible to the point Of oddity. Perched on Those legs, anything she does Seems like an act. Descending On her egg or draping her head Along her back, she’s Too exact and sinuous To convince an...Learn More
    miscKay Ryan
  2. [Lyric] Bad Day (Kay Ryan)

    Not every day Is a good day For the elfin tailor Some days The stolen cloth Reveals what it Was made for: A handsome weskit Or the jerkin Of an elfin sailor Other days The tailor Sees a jacket In his mind And sets about To find the fabric But some days Neither the idea Nor the material Presents itself; And these are The hard days For the tailor elf...Learn More
    miscKay Ryan