Artist: Lazarus! (US)
Lyrics of Artist: Lazarus! (US)
  1. [Lyric] SKREAM (Lazarus! (US))

    [Intro: Lazy3x] Shawty a freak she eatin me now and later Shawty like candy That means I'm fuckin her now and later [?] hater I am on [?] like I am a skater Bullets they [?] they talkin bout laser He not want the static We shock him like taser (But wait, there's more) (Hang on to your seat baby cause this ones a skreamer) (I'll be back) (Uh...Learn More
    rapLazarus! (US)
  2. [Lyric] SKREAM II (Lazarus! (US))

    [Intro: Lazy3x] Parody Imma light this nigga up like a christmas tree Pull up with a beam it sing like a melody I'm servin a white girl nigga Melonie You talkin my money like what is you tellin me Pull up with a Glock pop em like some ecstacy That nigga want [?] that nigga a nominee My money a stretch my money elastic [Verse: Lazy3x] I got a...Learn More
    rapLazarus! (US)
  3. [Lyric] LETTERMAN (Lazarus! (US))

    2DIRTYY [Verse 1: Lazy3x] Ay I'm in a private jet straight to France [?] fighter jet I won't land And lil shawty gone give me neck for some bands Tryna slide at my show bring yo friends And that nigga he broke don't let him in And I up on the pole he a letterman She lickin me up like a letterman And boy he a hoe he a [?] man And she give me brain...Learn More
    rapLazarus! (US)
  4. [Lyric] Gerk Freestyle (Lazarus! (US))

    [Verse 1: Lazy3x] I got the drip, I got the sauce I'm taking his bitch, ain't taking no loss If that nigga play, I put him on pause But these nigga gang?, they need the poles [?] I feel like a boss I walk in Designer they shoppin at Ross I do what I want, dont care what the cost She know I got money, she take off her draws I bleed the block, I make...Learn More
    rapLazarus! (US)