Artist: Madvillain
Lyrics of Artist: Madvillain
  1. [Lyric] Monkey Suite (Madvillain)

    [Verse: MF Doom] Villain'll hold a mic like he's mean and his tummy hurt In a clean pair of ripped jeans and a bummy shirt Wonderin' would you clap your hands if he was friendly? Dapper Dan dipped and pretend to be Fendi and gold sellin' No tellin', slap a fan hand down, tell 'em "no yellin'" DOOM, all capitals, no trick spellin' Got what it take...Learn More
  2. [Lyric] One Beer Drunk Version (Madvillain)

    [Verse] There's only one beer left Rappers screaming all in our ears like we're deaf Tempt me, do a number on the label Eat up all they emcees and drink 'em under the table Like, "It's on me—put it on my tab, kid" However you get there, foot it, cab it, iron horse it You're leaving on your face, forfeit I crush the mic, hold it like the heat, he...Learn More
  3. [Lyric] Winter and Spring (Madvillain)

    [Intro: MF DOOM] Yeah [Verse: MF DOOM] Perfect the stash, hit it last Survival of the fittest bash Did it in a smash, skitted, dick crash Slid it past, pain ain't match Main mission objective: maintain scratch Add insane to that, leave well enough, alone Only got caught twice, breathing on the telephone They told him 'bout when he was snoring Her...Learn More
  4. [Lyric] Raid (Madvillain)

    [Intro: MF DOOM] "-Life is too..." To two one-two [Verse 1: MF DOOM] How DOOM hold heat and preach non-violence? Shhh, he about to start the speech, c'mon, silence On one starry night, I saw the light Heard a voice that sound like Barry White, said "Sure you're right" Don't let me find out who tried to bite They better off goin' to fly a kite in a...Learn More
  5. [Lyric] Bistro (Madvillain)

    [Produced by Madlib] [Interlude: MF DOOM] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the debut grand opening Of Madvillain Bistro Bed and Breakfast Bar and Grill Cafe Lounge on the Water Where we offer you the finest of the finer things Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week Three hundred and sixty five days a year Live on the beats, we have the one...Learn More
  6. [Lyric] Rhinestone Cowboy (Madvillain)

    [Produced by Madlib] [Intro: Sample] "Great stuff" "Yeah, this is— this is good" "Great stuff" "Ahh, Oh yeah" *Applause* [Verse 1: MF DOOM] Hold the cold one like he hold a old gun Like he hold the microphone and stole the show for fun Or a foe for ransom, flows is handsome O's in tandem, anthem, random tantrum Phantom of the Grand Ole Opry, ask...Learn More