Artist: Nosir
Lyrics of Artist: Nosir
  1. [Lyric] NightFall (Nosir)

    [Hook: $akeed] I don't wanna see the nightfall (Nightfall) On you, on me Empty cases on the outside (Outside) They roam, they shine Yeah the rain is falling down (Yeah the rain is falling down) On you, on me See the zombies all around (See the zombies all around) They glow so bright, till the end of the night [Verse 1: $akeed] (Ooouuu) Till the...Learn More
  2. [Lyric] After Dark (Nosir)

    [Hook: $akeed] (Yeahhh-ooouuu) Through the late night (Late night) I'm just tryna get mine (Get mine) Tell me why they wanna steal my shine (Steal my shine) Late night (Late Night) You could get lost through the night (You could get lost) Leave you down bad traumatized (Down bad traumatized) Shawty said she wanna spend the night Yeahhh through the...Learn More
  3. [Lyric] Lost In Control (Nosir)

    [Hook: $akeed] I don't wanna lose all control tonight Wish that you was still rocking by my side Now I'm way too drunk swinging left to right Can't get consumed in this head of mine That's why I feel alive when I'm smoking all these fumes Getting my release while the night is coming to No I don't wanna lose, control [Verse: $akeed] (Whoa) Yeah I'm...Learn More
  4. [Lyric] So Excited (Nosir)

    [Chorus: $akeed] Ok I'm more than high and now I'm feeling sweet I know you felt that energy knock you off your feet Yeah I'm feeling right, and now I'm so excited (Excited) The night is calm so we gon cause a riot (Riot) [Hook: $akeed] A riot in the streets (Yeah a riot) We gon fuck it up and do it on repeat (On repeat) We some misfits who don't...Learn More