Artist: Scarlet Horizon
Lyrics of Artist: Scarlet Horizon
  1. [Lyric] The Fallen Baal (Scarlet Horizon)

    笑六道 舍迷离 六尘不改 碎灵霄 船无岸 恩怨休怀 变乱迷浊 放肆桀骜不逊 善恶浮世 独饮悲欢 苍天 再遮不住我眼 土地 再埋不了我心 要众生 都明白我心意 要诸神 灰飞烟灭 幻世当空 定万里河山 号令天下 汝又奈我何 生死无关 皆因来于空 弹指千秋 镇万物魂 Deep inside, deep inside, deep inside THE DEBT! Deep inside, deep inside, 幻世当空 Deep inside, deep inside, deep inside RAW MIND! 定万里河山 Fall behind, fall behind, fall behind THE DEBT! Fall behind, fall behind, 号令天下 Fall...Learn More
    rockScarlet Horizon
  2. [Lyric] Unstoppable (Scarlet Horizon)

    时间 逆流向虚无缝合悲伤 内心的 酸楚记忆 角落仍在原处的时光 深深刺痛 如夏日地表 灼热燃烧 却停止不了这种恐慌 压抑的呼吸 焦灼的空气 浮动的白光 拉扯最后的焦点 无声起伏的巨浪 铁链般的轮回 无法停止 啊那沉重的呼吸 流动着悲伤与寂静的河流 不断升温 气压骤降 天空低语 压抑的空气弥漫 风暴将近 卷起尘埃 穿透黑夜 痛苦填满内心的空白 Grief deep within Awakening in the backwash of life Eroded with the immortal eternal destiny Buried in the loop of kindness My soul is sacrificed For the race till another...Learn More
    rockScarlet Horizon
  3. [Lyric] Roches Prophecy (Scarlet Horizon)

    One day in the future Remember this summer Under the sun A strange city It will make you smile Fairy tales are about to end The deformity is full of everything in the world Want to be close to you But I don't dare to go any further Struggling to climb out of this despair The lovely smiling face makes me lose everything The mire slowly engulfed...Learn More
    rockScarlet Horizon
  4. [Lyric] Mirage (Scarlet Horizon)

    Her nail Her blood Her laughter Sealing up in the coldest corner The little girl said my mother die today Maybe yesterday I have no idea My heart beats as the clock ticks Shivering the body, whispering the name when I fall asleep The spotless room Trembling in the restless memory Hold out your hands To remove the eternal sin The blood will never...Learn More
    rockScarlet Horizon