Artist: Slater
Lyrics of Artist: Slater
  1. [Lyric] Gotta Have It FREEVERSE (Slater)

    Everynights the same Me myself and a henny bottle Pissed off at the world for the pain its made me fuckin swallow But i guess ive learned to deal with the bullshit Now im walking round the school talking to yo old bitch Dont be mad maaaneee I'm just doin me You say you ain't got shit to do You can hate on me This is for the niggas in my city tryna...Learn More
  2. [Lyric] Put Your Hands Up (Slater)

    -----C H O R U S----- PUT YOUR HANDS UP NIGGA THROW EM UP ANYBODY WANNA PARTY? JUST THROW THEM UP! [X4] -----V E R S E 1 ----- So who wanna get high ass hell and stupid drunk? Cause you know your boy Slater Beats dont give no fuck Started as a shot Now I killed the bottle Love the bass in my songs Make the city wobble Haters hate to see a nigga...Learn More
  3. [Lyric] J-Town Anthem (Slater)

    ---------- !H O O K! ---------- Sippin on gin Like im sippin on water Rolling up a blunt Man this bitch can't get fatter Sippin on that goose Got the triger finger loose You got a lil problem? You can talk to my duece duece X2 ---------- !V E R S E 1! ---------- Sippin on gin man im kinda fucking tipsy Rather make a song with SPM than...Learn More