Artist: Tape Girl
Lyrics of Artist: Tape Girl
  1. [Lyric] Halloween Heartbreak Barely March Cover (Tape Girl)

    Halloween heartbreak's bringing me down A DVD of Halloweentown A remnant of my old self is crowding up my bookshelf I just hope that we can still be friends But I'll never watch this film again Or its sequel, Kalabar's Revenge...Learn More
    rockTape Girl
  2. [Lyric] Escape From The City Crush 40 Cover (Tape Girl)

    [Spoken Intro: Sonic Adventure 2] Soldier: Sigma-Alpha 2 heading due south over the city Pilot: We're en route, everything's a go Control Tower Associate: This is control tower. We have you on radar. Report cargo status of captured hedgehog aboard, over! Pilot: That's a 10-4. Cargo secured and... What?! Control Tower Associate: Didn't copy that,...Learn More
    rockTape Girl