Artist: The Pro Letarians
Lyrics of Artist: The Pro Letarians
  1. [Lyric] Take Your Time (The Pro Letarians)

    She said it's 1:30 AM, tell me what you called for I just need somebody real to tell me what it's all for You know what you stand for, you know what you fall for You said you don't believe in me well that's just uncalled for But these things take time, you just gotta trust me You got reason to doubt everybody here but me I said I'm taking off, all...Learn More
    rapThe Pro Letarians
  2. [Lyric] Dream Catcher (The Pro Letarians)

    [Intro: Jupiter Jim] Cause they just waitin' on they dreams... [Verse 1: Jupiter Jim] Appears you caught me in the middle of a metamorphosis 'Fore I forge a fortune, cop a watch is what your mortgage is I'm just tryna be free man, like-like Morgan kids Its too much goin' on at home, like-like Mormon kids Gotta feed your spirit servin' servings...Learn More
    rapThe Pro Letarians
  3. [Lyric] Escape Freedom Sleepless Dreamers Pt. 2 (The Pro Letarians)

    [Verse 1: Jupiter Jim] She asked me what I'm on, I said life She said you high as hell? I said damn right She said that's YSL, I said yeah it's nice I gotta take it back cause the damn price I put a Lamborghini on layaway Life's a beach, I hope you sail away This for my niggas, I get niggas to sail away Taking talent to the crackheads, they'll...Learn More
    rapThe Pro Letarians
  4. [Lyric] The Way I Feel (The Pro Letarians)

    [Hook: Bobby Womack] I could try To say I'm sorry But that won't be Quite enough To let you know The pain that I feel And it just won't Let up Ohhhh, it feels [Verse 1: Jupiter Jim] Just like Yesterday Getting hella jobs No résumés, wait Let it resonate 'Member when you had those escapades In the Escalade, it'll escalate I guess I guess like...Learn More
    rapThe Pro Letarians
  5. [Lyric] Triumph (The Pro Letarians)

    [Hook] I can take you anywhere you wanna go, oh, oh, oh Take you out to zion yeah, take you out to zion yeah And I know that you're scared of the future love But we’ll just dance, to the sound of a triumph yeah The sound of a triumph yeah La la la la la la la la , it’s been too long La la la la la la la la , it’s been too long I done have so many...Learn More
    rapThe Pro Letarians