Song: As the Rim Spins
Year: 2006
Viewed: 49 - Published at: 7 years ago

Yep, yeah
Yep, yeah
Yep, yeah

[Verse 1]
I'm on, I'm grown, I'm so in my zone
You ain't gotta tell me, I know this my home
Throw me my phone, let me call up anybody
Who don't know about it and tell 'em I am him
Pale and not so slim
But I shine bright even when it's dark and grim
She marched on in but she far from a saint
Knowin you's pretendin that you are what you ain't
Cause your startin to taint what once was pure
Irregardless I must endure
Cause what's for sure, is that I am blessed
Just give me what I'm owed and I might get rest
See slight success, only brings more hunger
But don't you mistake lightning for thunder
Cause thunder just rumbles, lightning strikes
Like men of great faith, then white's hype
Why your rims spin, spinnin
I ain't slept ten minutes
No shut eye 'til this is
Right, yeah, is finished
I came for that big spinach
And I can't get it, with image
So all I can do is spit vintage
Again and again and again

[Verse 2]
Just draw the play up and run it
Vision, something that's great, I've become it
I played it and won it and profited it from it
A wonderful life and with honor I've done it
But you gotta confront it, it's permanent shorty
Feel the flames is burnin you softly
Yes these lames is certaintly salty
That's how I know that the birds is off me
All I really ever wanted in my whole life
Was to stay the whole night, in the morning no flight
To have my own wife, instead of havin to borrow
Johnny's in Philly and Chad's in Toronto
I ask for a lot though, thus I accept it
I'm gonna die lonely, big money's my homey
So Betty why don't we proceed to the suite
My pet snake skeet, so eager to meet (yeah)

[Verse 3]
I'm special, especially when these lames is next to me
Every check I see, bring the flex outta me
Girl I'll pay for your love, and the sex I'll free
Okay, don't play, you gon' stay, then stay
But if you afraid of livin, then you ain't really wit it
Then please be on your way, with no delay
They say only the strong survive
And it seems that you gotta do wrong to thrive
But the truth ain't dead, I'm so alive
You don't want me to shine, then close your eyes

[Hook] - 2X

( Bubba Sparxxx )