Song: Brooklyn Girls
Year: 2008
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[Produced by Charles Hamilton]

Uh, Hahaha, Uh
Only I can get away with something like this
Y'all know my name

[Verse 1]
I'm an uptown boy with Soho flava
The beat is D minor but I'm oh so major
I do my own thing so I owe no favors
Can't do it now then I won't do it later
Haters wanna see the boy get lost in the sauce
But it's gravy so boy get lost
Nah I ain't cocky I'm just stating the obvious
H-O the boss and I'm making his pockets rich
Hate it or not I am great and about to get greater
Hit the Peja like I play with Stojakovic
I keep it real and my ladies do the same
High class chicks that be crazy in the brain
Style so mean, swag is vicious
Smile O.D, ass delicious
Stay getting money no need for ebay
My heart is Harlem world, but I'm loving BK
I ain't got no problem wit girls out in Harlem but
(They ain't nothing like a Brooklyn girl)
See I had a dope fling wit a girl on Queens but
(They ain't nothing like a Brooklyn girl)
The Bronx is live that's where my mom resides but
(They ain't nothing like a Brooklyn girl)
(Damn sure ain't nothing like a Brooklyn girl)
(D-Damn sure ain't nothing like a Brooklyn girl)

[Verse 2]
My girl Angie can't be a groupie or whore
She bout getting money in her juicy couture
Do she get bored with the Gucci of course
So the Louis she sports til it ain't new anymore
Then she cop another one makin hoes gettin madder
Gettin more money so the price don't matter
Ain't seen her in a minute know her ass got fatter
And if you think she bad then her friends are way badder
Kendra's a Christian never seen freakin
In church every weekend she need to be deacon
Had a model bitch name Viva we ain't speakin
But I had her screamin whenever I was beatin
She been callin, creepin, crawlin
Maybe she would chill if I would beat it often
And Rhonesha's fly and she sweeter than Splenda
Cause no one ever slows her agenda

[Verse 3]
As we smoke da la la la
BK gettin money no 9-5
Mamase mamasa mamakusa
It don't make sense but admit it, it's kinda hot
BK girls down wit that ride or die
So I always keep one right by my side
See I love New York I ain't gotta lie
So if you messin wit my ladies it's homicide
I gotta friend named Shayna
She like Bill Bellamy and how to be a player
Shorty is a player can't nobody play her
Can't nobody game her cause she ain't a gamer
Baby girl ballin kinda like the Lakers
If you would trade her like Shaq then see ya later
Player she do it so easy it's kinda like a layup
She could lay up wit your boy wit no make up
Keep doin her and I'mma keep doin me
Even on the road I'mma keep 2 or 3
Bad BK chicks that speak fluently
In the Hamilton language girl speak to me please
I remember when I couldn't get a girl for shit
Now I can't get rid of any girl for shit
So when they look at me I don't look away
I spread love it's the Brooklyn way
Now let the hook play

( Charles Hamilton )