Song: Chicharrones
Artist:  CJ Fly
Year: 2021
Viewed: 127 - Published at: 5 years ago


Women calling me papi chulo, kiss my culo
She eat the dick like it was a churro, now I'm [?]
I like my chicharrones with [?], now I do know
My bitch a Great Dane, your's a Poodle, nigga, toodles
Don't ask me who do you think you are, do your Googles
Could tell that you don't got much dough, you a strudel
Paint pictures when I spit raps, you just doodle
I always knew that I'd be the shit, you just doo- chill (Haha)
That was slightly immature, give me life when I'm on tour
Women want to do me like I was a chore, uh
Life's a bitch, but I'm not sure
These are Beats by Dre, not sure
Beat the pussy up until shе say she sore, uh
On the road to succеss, put the pedal to the floor
I ain't perfect, my bitch love me with my flaws, uh
Why you asking questions like you with the force?
In a few months, you gon' see me in the [?]
Movin' out the trenches, 'til them picket fences make some lucrative investments
I quadrupled it plus interest, now my taste is so expensive
Came a long way from us cypherin' on them benches
Just tryna get a bag and you was focused on the bitches (Damn)
All my goals I'm gettin' 'em done
Tryna hit me over the head, you must think that I'm dumb
Keep a ruler inside the Ruger, I stick to my guns
Might have to drop a couple bands just to get me a drum
As you can see, I'm just having some fun
Y'all the type to put a C-Note on a stack of some ones
Stackin' my funds, [?] stash for my son
Kush pack in my lungs, got a razor on the back of my tongue
I'm sharp with it, this that authentic
They takin' shots while I'm bartendin'
I'ma kill these cats, they told the wrong tenant
Trust, they gon' get it
That was over your heads, I'm off of my meds, the flow was filthy, y'all just a mess

( CJ Fly )