Song: Colors
Artist:  Gucci Mane
Year: 2008
Viewed: 70 - Published at: 7 years ago

[Verse 1]
Blue and white Charger
Same color the Dodgers
Crayola car same color as a marker
Red '74 same color as a Cardinal
Fat bank rolls like I robbed Wells Fargo
Black Bentley coupe same color as some charcoal
Clear through top same color as a dope boy
Off-white Jag same color as the yayo
Pure white guts same color as some mayo
Transformer Benz Decepticon like Legos
Sixes got my donk sitting like a Winnebago
Paint like Play-Doh
The alfredo Lambo
The shrimp scampi Chevy and the guts look like egg yolk

Colors, colors
All my ice is colors, colors
I live my life in colors, colors
And my girls is colors, colors
And my world is colors, colors
I live my life in colors, colors
I rock my ice in colors, colors
And my world's in colors, colors
And my girls is

[Verse 2]
Benz look like Fruit Loops
Diamonds look like Juicy Fruit
See-through golden brownish coupe
Same color as apple juice
Flashy as a stack or two
Safe like da crackers do
Green and golden Chevy same color as the Packers boots
Dark and patent leather seats
Mellow yellow bezel
Got the ground beef guts painted Hamburger Helper
Amazon Jacob same color as a leopard
Black diamonds in it same color as a checker
Red and blue and white 'Bird like Woody Woodpecker
Smoked a half an ounce of goody cause it make me feel better
Chopper on the floor
Shotty on the dresser
Million dollar lick and I hope it be successful

[Verse 3]
Brand new black Benz
Same color a ink pen
Took it to the tech shop
Sat it on some street spins
Retro Jordans same color as my painted rims
Porsches look like Seagram gin
Forces look like oxygen
Vette look like margarine when it hit the block
I named that bitch "Chiquita" then removed her from the top
Bought my girlfriend Gucci loafers and a pocketbook
Got her looking fruity like she got her color book
Trophy-trophy dosey-dosey
Jake Jake no rolly-polly
Guatemala 740 same color as guacamole
Sour cream and onions
Ferrari look like Funyuns
White and green Lotus same color as the MONEY!

( Gucci Mane )