Song: Cut You Loose
Artist:  MC Rage
Year: 2013
Viewed: 97 - Published at: 8 years ago

Hello hiphop …
Mc Rage …. Here

Break yo’ bar down
You be like westcoast, the way you get left with a crooked eye after I take the pock out

Pray to god clowns
I spin-each’ya muzzle’em like I was playin popeye

I’m on some real ill shit
Hate all you money chasers, I’m on some kill bill shit
Still deal hits, with this guilt filled tip
School you faggots, this tracks on some field trip shit

My knowledge on fire see
Your artist dislike me, I’d bomb’em politely
Want this, precisely
A tick on everything on my wishlist, like it was sponsored by nike (whoo)

What’s up with’chu, you suck you knew
You constipated, so I cut’chu loose
Ace this shit
If you bust-a-rhyme, I’ll ask you to look at me now, then break’ya neck

Place yo’ bet, I raise the stakes
I’m comin fo’ the fakers’ head, like facial clips

I raise the bars a notch
Every shit I write’s influential, I’d even make your girls hip-hop

Every verse be hot
I’d prolly father the queen’s rider, like Freddy Mercury’s pops

Man, I’ll stomp at’cho light quotes
No and-or-he’ll-linger, but when I’m on the booth, mics blown

Tight flow, damage’yo stock
They be thinkin’ I hate Manchester, the way I’m always screamin’ man you just suck

Make the planet erupt
When I take nine out, and go lethal with mac from Kansas and I’

Protect flares, of dopeness here
Lit’a rage I’ turn to tarzan when I go shake-spears

When, I go shake-spears
That’s whatsup homie, I’m tryn’a raise the bar…
Spicen some shit up …

MC Rage, spittin all day
Do me a favor and tell your pops son that rage is the king of wordplays …

( MC Rage )