Song: Drama A/T
Artist:  Canibus
Year: 2002
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[Verse 1: Canibus]
Executive Order 11002
The reason you know me but I don't know you
You really wanna know what drama is let me show you
But keep in mind this is just one point of view
Drama is livin' in a 3rd world country
Fucked up and hungry without no money
Drama is trying to adjust to circumstance
Missing more than one leg or more than one hand
Drama is being chased off ya' land
By a funny looking man in a suit that works for the bank
Drama is what's happening to the ecosystem
And the animals it feeds, from the damage to trees
To rainforests that get destroyed annually
Damn is it just me who cares about the air that we breathe?
Drama is the nuclear threat that we live with
One bomb and everybody's dead that's some sick shit
Drama is HIV statistics
The infected person that you might have sex with, life goes on
But drama is living with the afterthought that maybe you could have prevented it
Drama is imminent, it comes in other forms
The sick pedophiles who support child porn
Never mind the offenders
Think about what the victims go through and what the fuck they gotta' live wit
Drama is the prison population
Some belong there but also some belong on probation
Drama is not being able to change one thing
Cause the system you live in says you ain't shit
Drama is corporate scandal
Drama is a handful of CEO's playin' you for a damn fool
Drama is being a millionaire
But gotta' recoup half the budget from your 10 percent share
Drama is having one too many women
Even though you always need a spare one to swim in
Drama is dealing with your jealous impulses
Learning how to hold it all in with no emotion
Drama is blind devotion
Drama is having your deepest secrets exposed in the open
Drama is having your heart broken
And the person who broke it doesn't even motherfucking notice
Drama is trying to carry a burden all by yourself on your shoulders and it don't exist
Drama is being falsely accused, Drama is the latest news
Drama is what gives people clues
Drama is a tool you can use to distract ya' enemy so they never improve
Drama is the fear of devils and the fear of God
Drama is a long and hard Tech support desk job
Drama is the life of an up-and-coming actor or rapper
Or athlete or building contractor
Drama is a rookie cop calling for backup
The 3 strike perpetrator that's getting tatted up
Drama is the spin zone of a politician
Drama is K-Solo when he said the rhyme did it
Drama is the struggle of change
Drama is inevitable there is no other way
Drama is what drains life force out of you
Drama is negative but drama can empower you
Drama is love, Drama is pain
Drama exists in everything everyday
Drama is the Yin, Drama is the Yang
Drama is the innate nature of man
Drama contracts, Drama expands
Drama is what I am
[Interlude: Canibus]
Drama! Drama!

[Verse 2: Luminati]
Pull up a chair to the aristocracy of commonwealth prophecy
The legacy of generation three isosceles
Logical geometry, illogical melodies
Integrated with memories that mix melodically
Beyond the insight of what a modern-day monkey sees
Get chopped in three for pathetic hypocrisy
False bureaucracy breeds poetic monopolies
Chateau de Trevano is my property
An addict for drama and dramatic oddities
Addicted to bottles of sticky green botany
In a reflection of the split seas you see me in 3D
Tripping off three hits of E
Half-a-tablet for you 2-and-a-half for me
A rappers speech is slurred for eternal depravity
Naturally ignore gravity project astrally
Ascend gradually till the stratosphere passes me
Earth's actually esoterically absent to me
Take a crack at me with blurred clarity - battle me
Spiders crawl outta the skin the six headed beast
Evil beings that wrestle with demons in the deep
Useless to eat 200 pounds of rotten meat
Shrink heads drink black milk collect black teeth
Luminati tribal chief wear it as trophy piece
My women are ornamented with a blood soaked wreath
Like Christmas minus Christ plus the heat
The Ascended Master, leader of all immortal freaks
Voodoo curse on your last and future release
Unleash the worst plague put the world under siege
Till your name is unheard and your face is unseen
Till your just a nightmare of an accursed dream
Tell the supreme to curse your whole team and your unborn seed
Poison your queen like the Furher's last week
In the blood filled streets you're a leech
Less than a man a poverty stricken thief with grief
At night you speak to Satan before you go to sleep
Worshiping the flesh like poor pagan priests
Your future's oblique
I command your heart to seize its beat
Thou shall inherit disease and defeat! Drama!
[Outro: Canibus]
Drama... Drama... Drama... Drama

( Canibus )