Song: Flannery OConnor
Artist:  Simon Joyner
Year: 2006
Viewed: 69 - Published at: 8 years ago

Alcohol disassembled that lost generation
Just as nicotine claimed the late great Yul Brynner

And would you believe unlucky Alexander Hamilton
Undone in a duel by an angry Aaron Burr

Cancer stole my dad's best friend
My friend Phil put a hole in his head
And Virgil stuck a sword in his abdomen
When his girlfriend sunk into a stranger's waterbed

And Lucy killed Charlie again today
With a soft deceiving eye
I still shed a tear for him
For the faithful and the blind

They say that love will conquеr us all
Just as scissors slice right through paper
But I'm hoping that paper still covеrs rock
Cause a rock can kill somebody's savior

( Simon Joyner )