Song: Glass
Artist:  Pill
Year: 2009
Viewed: 71 - Published at: 5 years ago

[Verse 1 - Pill]
Every morning I wake up, I'm thanking God for the day
But then it's back to the trap slangin the hardest of yay
Ask for forgiveness because I know this ain't livin that I'm livin
Cool decision that easily let a nigga in prison
A vision of having better days
Instead the reality of me serving several jays
I ask for help, please
Get me up off these corners, I can't see myself leave
Stuck in this world of crack smoke and hoes on they knees
I seen him bleeding on the ground and I said a prayer
Please don't take him lord--thats my partner--cause we need him here
He got some children and a momma who love him dear
Why we hustle and people struggle, you ain't made that clear
And so its back off to the streets, and I'm callin them home
I black out all the people preachin, callin my phone
I got these dimes on my mind, and I'm all in the zone
Cause when you broke motherfucker, yes you fallin alone

[Verse 2 - Pill]
There's been times I don' cried cause I was down on my luck
A damn thing to my name and I don't give a fuck
Probation thinking they can hold me, they got it wrong
And I remember my momma told me, gotta be strong
I'm rollin' stones, that's the only way I see a profit
Convicted felon, but there's something heavy off in my pocket
So stop it, I see him watching, I'm keeping on
You go to your 9 to 5, I'm trapping; to each his own
The things I feel, I think god should know
Why I couldn't be one of those kids on the Cosby Show
It's ugly, you see them thuggin, they pushing buggies, collecting cans
If he could apply himself he might be a better man
It's kinda hard when there's a liquor store on every corner
And you see twelve every moment trying to run up on ya
It's kinda hard cause it's a liqour store on every corner
And you see twelve every moment tryin to run up on ya

( Pill )