Song: Hey Papi
Artist:  JAY-Z
Year: 2000
Viewed: 44 - Published at: 8 years ago

[Verse 1 - Jay-Z]
Ay yo I got a resolution
This year I'm playing right
No 6:15 this year, yeah, you can stay the night
We can go bowling, it ain't like before
Can't y'all see that I'm growing? I was so immature
I was young and having money
Having honeys come to the crib
Dig in their shit
And they couldn't get cab money from me
Some bad chicks didn't get past the bridge
I went to 1 Trump Plaza on their asses
No room service, just snacks and shit
Work with those Lil Debbies
And when you're done, get ready
The chicks I was fiending to smash
Let 'em lean on the cash
Will take 'em on long trips
Break 'em with long dick
There was no such thing as strong relationships
But I'm off that player shit
I need a chick that practice Tai Chi
That still can buy weed
And can give me some good head
And I'll make her a mami
(Hey papi!)
Even if they don't understand the flow
They understand the dough, my ladies going
(Hey papi!)
Promise you'll never let me go
Promise you'll never leave me
Promise we'll grow

[Verse 2 - Memphis Bleek]
The only thing Bleek spinning is
Them chrome wheels spinning on them new rims
Home, suspended from school again
I'm grown, still ill, ladies love the ve-hi-cle, like "Bleek
Can I feel up on your wood and grill?"
It's a hood thing, wood grain, off the chain
She give me good brain
Love the way I push my slang
Calling my jack soon as they hop in my V
They catching contact, weed smoke all up in the weave
Bet your man can't do it like this, like this
I bet his wrists ain't bluish like this, like this
And I'm from Marcy, you catch me on anybody's block
Reppin' th-the Roc
Hoes, they all clock like:

[Verse 3 - Jay-Z]
I was the worst, I used to switch chicks every day
Had niggas mad, for real, like, "I wish he was gay"
Cause they knew sooner or later hun was getting with Jay
Just a matter of time: she was getting with Jay
I'll have your chick in the summer tropics sipping on 'zae
Spitting up in the Pacifics, smoking spliffs in the shade
She used to love you, but she feeling different today
You used to smother her. Look at your honey slipping away
Consorting with hustlers, niggas that be giving her space
She said she feel free when she's around me
I'm letting her do her and, in turn, she's doing me
She on the phone with her friends like, "How cool is he?"

( JAY-Z )