Song: Im a Hustla
Artist:  Re-Up Gang
Year: 2006
Viewed: 65 - Published at: 7 years ago

[Verse 1: Ab-Liva]
I'm a hustla, I'm a I'm a hustla homie
'97 had a brick by the muffler crony
Wholesale to my select preferred customers only
The white horse cooked tan you can call it the pony
It's only the soft it twists like a wrestler on me
It hardens, it cools I prove I'm a juggler whoadie
Glock popped got it cheap I'mma smother you
Hovered and govern the corner you hugged then I shuffle you roadie
Face it they change, the game's never loving you sorry
You live for the moment it's gone then they cover you homie
Back against the wall, post up never fall
Never fail, keep a burner close you can fend them off
Get that 10 up off the car and you let it off
Sort of like Avon and Marlo when you set it off
[Bet it all!] Nigga it's war till the metal's off
[Dead 'em all!] Nigga we ride till the pedal's off

[Verse 2: Pusha T]
Vicious with the verse I’m as genius as Ray
You niggas seeing nothing on the Zenith like Rae
Black hand white keys ya'll seen this I’m Ray
Got more white in the hood than the KKK
The grand wizard of that almighty blizzard
My numbers come scissored, I be where they breeding lizards
Now nigga go figure I ain’t been out in two
Switched jewels twice the upgrade was more blue
Now if you got a question nigga save that for Clue
But if you know the answer than you probably copped from dude
Flewish blueish the hues is the newest, the sickest shit the chain is so gratuitous
Break it shake it bake it then you cools it, treat it like them whiteys at Nike and just do it
Hot as me? Fuck no, they mockeries
Flows get quoted like Socrates’ philosophies

[Verse 3: Sandman]
While everybody snitching my niggas play their position
Either you hugged the block or cooked in the kitchen
Or you was a master, good with your fingers
Trying to bag a slab up while that's still wet
Cause the fiends is hovering, smothering fussing and they frustrated with headaches
The rock be their bufferin
'94 till now the block still jumping and
Proper raw was found when niggas had nothing in
I used to scuffle them, 22 illusions
Color top stop don't confuse them
Other blocks hot cause they're losing
Hot cause of shootings
Niggas getting rocked like powder, that's power
I'm in and out of there though
Your hood bitch look good de Janeiro
Rio even she know, kilos I throw at least 3 like cee-lo every time

[Verse 4: Malice]
The bigger they are the harder they fall
Conspiracy theory or life behind bars
When faced with the time they telling it all
That’s the risk that you take playing neighborhood czar
Not just your name, your race is betrayed
You’re the bottom of the food chain, I spit on your grave
You’re the modern day African capturing slaves
How you live with yourself yet can’t escape your face
I put it in the street and they can’t escape the taste
It just keep calling the white when it harden
I’m so at home with it like the Knicks in the Garden
And I can’t say that it don’t beat starving
Any given time Malice with the arsenal
Ya’ll be wearing rosary beads like the cardinal
Of the roman catholic man the boy’s classic reading two hundred for the speed where the dash is

( Re-Up Gang )