Song: In This World
Year: 2010
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In this world (This that feeling)
What's happening to love? (It's that feeling you miss)
I'd like to know (It's that love, it's that passion)
(Tone they don't get shit like this no more)

[Verse 1]
Welcome to my longitude and latitude
My attitude is shaping my surroundings:
Skyscrapers, public housingThe sheep is running from the sun
The wolves is howling at the moon
It's tragic how you in the street
Cause you ain't got no avenues
When it come to rapping who's the baddest dude?
(In this world)You still don't get it
This a recession, what recession?
Dog, we been stressingShit been a mess and we been dealing with this depression
Since way back, but you ain't got to say that
That's the greatest lesson
Slave to our possessions
Greed the devil favorite weaponFight to the death, only the greatest left
(In this world)
Let's get it
Lordy, lordy, lordy lord
I been hustling really, really hard
Get up off my ass start making some moves
Put two and two together start paying my dues
I got to get up for it, stand up
In this world

If skills sold truth be told, I'd probably be, lyrically, Talib Kweli (Jay-Z)

[Verse 2]
I get respected by the best MCs (in this world)
The recipe for my success is
One part pain and suffering
Two parts brains and hustling
Sprinkle it over Hi-Tek production
We bubbling like volcanic eruptions
You better buckle in
Push the panic button
Come get your momma to tuck you in
You know we did like no other did it
(In this world)
You gots to get with it

In this world
What's happening to love?
I'd like to know

[Verse 3]
Ayo, I grab the mic until my hands develop the calluses
My style is bit I only see myself with John MalkovichMy grind miraculous, rhyme for slums to palaces
Facing all my challengers, raising the black power fistHere to eliminate the counterfeit
(In this world)
Add it up it don't amount to shit
I paid my dues kept the receipt for taxesAlthough we stack it we stay stuck in the bracket
It's like a straitjacketMy rebel tactics got the planet spinning off it's axisThe devil laughing when you lazy, man get off your ass and
Talent don't mean nothing without all the practice(In this world)


( Reflection Eternal )