Song: Its Over
Artist:  Freeway
Year: 2007
Viewed: 49 - Published at: 3 years ago

[Verse 1]
Things just ain't the same for gangsters
But I don't give a fuck, I'm back without a Just track
Tried to reach out and work, but he ain't chirp back
It's all good -- I'm here, nigga, the beard bigger
Flow stronger, the clip longer, will air niggas
Lay 'em down flat, I stay around straps
We don't lounge or frown, we bounce back
From the wicked streets of Philly, all we do is gain stacks
Face facts - I been done it since "1-900"
I been sickening since Hot 9-7
I been stunting since black man man had the black Lexus 400
Then I done it 450 -- had the Lexus to Land
Motherfucker, I'm my own man
I'm a grown man; try me, get your hair flown
Free break, get your security breached
Word on the streets I'm heated, better sleep with your chrome, bitches

[Verse 2]
First Jay and Dame break up, now every day I wake up
Somebody got a problem with Free, something to say
Now, I'm the only rapper that'll bust around and clap ya
If I say it Philly right down your way, body ya peeps
They mad cause I'm fucking with Fif', sucking they teeth
It's funny when they see me, how they switch what they say
Look, if Jay ain't approve it, it wouldn't have happened
So you need to fall back and concentrate on your music, bastard
Motherfuckers better go mop up
'fore I plug you bitches shows, get your shows shot up
You are not killing nothing, you are no shotta
And you never be strapped when you roll, I rap what I know
I'm about to get the platinum right after the gold
Y'all niggas stay stagnant, not attacking your goals, faggot
And Philly Freezer's goals are reached
And I'm achieving, y'all leaking, y'all goals on hold, holla
[Verse 3]
Things just ain't the same for gangsters
I'm back without a track from Kanye, it's all good
The dash on the 760 is all wood
I got the heat in the stash, I use the nine lethal
We different people, and when egos collide
The pride coincide and it bring on the evil, look
Fact is, he too busy, I'm too gutter
I was fucking with him when niggas was like, "Who is he?"
But like the Scriptures say, quickly they forget
Quickly let me reminisce
If a nigga ever try me, we'll see who could spit
Any rapper, anybody, I'll body the list
Y'all smoking bullshit, I'm smoking firey piff
Since the age of thirteen, I acquired the gift to spit
And I'm coming, when that Philly Freezer running with it
Non-stop gunning when they making them hits, holla

( Freeway )