Song: Karaoke Night
Artist:  MC Jin
Year: 2004
Viewed: 49 - Published at: 4 years ago

Ladies and gentlemen
Welcome to the world famous "Karaoke Night" at the Ruff Ryder Lounge
Tonight we gon' try somethin a little different

This is not an exclusive (nope)
So pardon me as I get on my new shit
You know them stakes is high
I can't relate to guys, that create disguise-es
Exaggerate how great they pies, is
Is that a pizza or a lemon meringue? You ain't slangin a thang
Play gorilla, but you ain't even orang-and-a-tang
I hang with a gang; we Ryde 'til we Die (Ruff Ryders)
Preferably Ryde, yes sirree I
Professor am I, CNN for information
Order now (now) and get free installation (uh-huh)
Oops (what?) You're a flow too late
I got the flow of two Lakes, Ontario and Michigan
That means +Great+ for every rap fan listenin
Soon you will be seein, and you will be agreein
Even though I'm Chinese I do a show for the Koreans, cause
[Hook 4X: Jin]
I'm so dope and my flow's so tight
I could turn karaoke to open mic night (right)

[Jin - over Hook]
Oh who is this?
See, you never know who to expect at "Karaoke Night"
Anybody can come through
That the Ghost I see? Why it is
Ladies and gentlemen, Styles P.!

[Styles P.]
Why don't you try to karaoke this verse?
It's the nigga with a whole bunch of birds and don't none of 'em chirp
Ten ways to calm down and don't none of 'em work
I go berserk with a gun in my shirt, blow a hundred of earth
Pastor said don't come to the church
I'm a problem when it come to the work - listen
If it's a race to split your face, I'll be comin in first
I show up, niggas wonder who I'm comin to murk
Got my broad in the corner, gun under the skirt (yeah)
And we lookin at your jewels tryna wonder the worth (yeah)
Gettin slayed at night (uh-huh) take away the ice (uh-huh)
Cause it's sorta like Sprite how we "obey our thirst" (ha ha)
Shoulda known you seen both of the R's (shoulda known)
Ghost come with the toast (Ghost) Jin came with the Chinese stars (Jin)
You could catch me downtown at a Chinese bar
Dai-ma, like a muh'fucker high off lah; what

[Jin - over Hook]
Ladies and gentlemen, please one more time
A round of applause for Styles P
A.K.A. the Ghost

Simp-ly put, I limp with a pimpery foot
And that's just how it's meant to be took
Or taken - I hate the pigs
But I got fam out in Frisco, that's my ba-con/Bay kin
See how that works of beat and the perks of bein a jerk
Me and Styles P. leave you deep in the dirt
Peek in your hearse, whisper in your ear, freakin a verse
While the deacon's speakin at church - "Oh Lord!"


[Styles P.]
Aiyyo Jin, make sure you bring me to China (y'know?)
So I can get all the fuckin new Nikes
Camcorders and all that, yeah

( MC Jin )