Song: La La La
Artist:  Chris Webby
Year: 2009
Viewed: 78 - Published at: 7 years ago

[Verse 1: Chris Webby]
We rollin' trees and smokin' la la la la la
Another weed song from me
Burnin' more trees than Cheech Chong
Red and Meth all roll together in the same L
We smoke blunts all day, you can't tell? Hell
I'm stompin' in with my boots on
Rollin' to the diner with my half off coupon
Fuck, I been burnin' since I was newborn
So high flyin' through space with Jimmy Neutron
That's how I do mon, rock the rhythm
You would think I had a mothafuckin' pot prescription
Like the doctor's flippin', my grass stay fresh cut
Sticky icky wet stuff, put it in the next dutch
But last time I had a checkup, the doc said my brain was not fully developed
Fuck, but it just don't matter, I'mma have to roll the next blunt fatter, ha!

La la la la la
Just break it up and smoke that (la la la la la)
Now twist it up and smoke that (la la la la la)
Now light it up and smoke that (la la la la la)
And then you keep on burnin'
[Verse 2: Chris Webby]
The way this weed hits your chest, should invest in Kevlar
Chillin' on Saturn, cruisin' in the XR
Everyday I got the best bars
And the best weed same color as Reptar
Yes, we stay lightin' up the purple
In my own entourage, smokin' like Turtle
Fuck all the commercials, they all straight lies
Actin' like I'm gonna kill a mothafucker cause I'm high
The most I'm likely to do is open the fridge
Chill on the couch, and never end up leavin' my crib
Shit, but that's just how I do
Stay high, seein' from my birds eye view
I walk into a room and everybody starts sniffin'
"Like, oh my God, I can guarantee that's Christian"
"It's nine in the morning yo, what the fuck's with him?"
And I'm like, "Chill! I've got a weed addiction", like


[Verse 3: Chris Webby]
We lightin' ganja ganja, every day we burn dutchies
And always we stay around more trees than Fern Gully
I earn money, spend on weed, and burn money
Got the dice in my hand, can't take my turn from me
I rip like a beast when I hit the beats
But it's just weed when they say I'm equipped with heat
Please, shit's leavin' you in disbelief
I'm that monster at your door, bitch, trick-or-treat
The way I freestyle, shit, it really baffles me
Cause I'm a pot head, call me Johnny Appleseed
I got a dub and a dutch, let's roll and spark
Til we start to see shit like Joan of Arc
I know I'm smart, I know I'm nice
That's why ya'll can't see me like a poltergeist
Smokin' la la la, give that bowl a light
Grab the bong even tighter than I hold the mic, like

( Chris Webby )