Song: Lost Angels L.A. L.A.
Artist:  Cold 187um
Year: 1999
Viewed: 32 - Published at: 6 years ago

[Intro: Cold 187Um Talking]
Chop, chop, chop, chop, chop, chop "that's right"
Shot you, shot you, shot you, "that's been real right"
Chop, chop, chop, chop, chop, chop "in City Of Angels y'all"
You know, yeah...

[Verse 1: ColdUm 187]
They always yelling out freeze
When I'm on the back streets gettin' mine
Dodging the law, dodging the chalk line
And if y'all feel me
I'mma keep it real for this episode
Takin' you all into some critical overload
What must I do to live in the City of Angels?
Pack a full clip with one cocked in the chamber?
Cause it remains to be the same to me
I gotta be an O.G. like my daddy and my grandpappy
Don't ever test mine
Don't ever disrespect mine
Better yet I tote a 'Tech in case you ever cross the line
Yo, I'm like the crow, Low down and dirty
As I handle my business and as I take you on this journey
It ain't no City Of Angels where I'm at
It's just people playing get back and more get back
Yo, a lot of drama on my block but I never stress
Because I'm built like a Presidential Rolex
A lotta people die over the red or the blue
A lotta players hustle cause they got to
But if I ever go out before I'm supposed to go
I'm goin' revenge myself like the Crow...
[Hook 2X: Frost]
L.A. should be crazy-Ass-Place to stay
Where the rider die and players play
I've been around the world and around the way
24/7 like every way

[Verse 2: Frost]
I see the clock strike half past
I'm movin' fast, quick to blast
I'm like an angel in the city with the devil's path
And everybody's out to get me
So I quickly stick and move
And if he moves I trip, my finger's itchy
I got a vision, I'm on a mission
Listen, I can hear them but I can't trust my intuition
I'm wishin' upon that midnight mystical
And through the darkness, I'm hoping for a miracle
I can't holler till you hear me
I gotta get me through the madness even though I'm guilty
And as I reload I'm all alone set to explode
Like a pathological murderer that's in the zone
I know the working, the spirit's lurking
I'm hurting, the triple six with the kiss got my soul searching
When I awoke I choked on a cloud of smoke
It was a dream and in my dream, I seen a black crow...

[Break: Frost Talking]
Another day in L.A. comes to an end
The dark of the nights starts to set in
Lots of peers going down under the seek lights

[Verse 3: KM.G]
Welcome to the city of drag where my pants sag
And my homies still reying on the flag
Yeah, life starts to twist and turn
And it hits you at another angle
Just some more drama in the City Of Angels
Violence is brought forth through many years
Broken memories, we cried so many tears
Ooh the Devil plays the repo man
And he's sucking up souls
As fast as he can
It ain't no question
It's in our nature
A 45 brings out the criminal behaviour
When the clouds in the sky turn black and gloom
As soon as the smoke starts to fill the room
Your heart starts to beat, it's like the ritual
And the feeling that you get is somewhat spiritual
I'mma have to let you know how reality goes
Makes you fly like the Crow as you slide into limbo...

( Cold 187um )