Song: Not Yet Free
Artist:  The Coup
Year: 1993
Viewed: 54 - Published at: 2 years ago

[Verse 1 - Boots]
In this land I can't stand or sit
And not get shit thrown up in my face
A brother never gets his props
I'm doing bellyflops at the department of waste
And everyday I pulls a front so nobody pulls my card
I got a mirror in my pocket and I practice looking hard
I'm lookin behind me beside me ahead of me
There'll be no feet making tracks here instead of me
But I can't disregard just what the news says to me
I'm twenty-one, so I've reached my life expectancy
At any minute I could be in some shit that kills my skinny ass
From motherfuckers doin the sellout strut or probably Oakland task
My relationship with OPD has been like one big dis
Long arm of the law grips my dick so tight it's hard to even piss
Oh, I forgot, ain't even got a pot to do it in
Up at the church they're tellin me it's because I live in sin
So I grin, but nevertheless my mind won't dwell
I must be trippin cause I thought I was livin in hell
Capitalism is like a spider, the web is getting tighter
I'm struggling like a fighter, just to bust loose
It's like a noose asyphyxiation sets in
Just when I think I'm free it seems to me the spider steps in
This web is made of money made of greed made of me
Of what I have become in a parasite economy
[Verse 2 - E-Roc]
In the winter there's a splinter with the smell of the rain
And the scent of the street, but all I smell is the pain
Of a brother who's a hustler and he's stuck to the grind
Of a sister who's a hooker, got to sell her behind
Desperation makes a brotha get a little more bold
The circumstance gets deeper when it's damp and it's cold
So I spend my time thinking bout the ultimate gank
Can I get my crew together, pull a move on a bank?
I be the picture perfect hustler for the piece of the pie
But my daddy always taught me just to reach for the sky
Now my dream and aspirations go from single to whole
As I realize there's a million motherfuckers in the cold
No need to be told, cause when you got a million po' people
Gettin ganked, by a few that are rich and evil
But it's illegal, to wonder how they livin fat
(One two three) everybody get a gat

[Verse 3 - Boots]
Ahhhhhh yeah
Niggas, thugs, dope dealers and pimps
Basketball players, rap stars, and simps
That's what little black boys are made of
Sluts, hoes, and press the naps around your neck
Broads pop that coochie, bitches stay in check
That's what little black girls are made of
But if we're made of that who made us
And what can we do to change us
The oppressor tries to tame us
Here's a foot for his anus!
Well since the days when I was shittin in diapers
It was evident the President didn't like us
Assassination attempts, I'd root for the snipers
My teacher told me that I didn't know what right was
Well, she was wrong cause I knew what a right was
And a left and an uppercut, too
I had a hunch a sucker punch is what my people got
That's why I was constantly red, black, and blue

( The Coup )