Song: Options
Year: 2021
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Coming live from the 2-5 let’s get it
You’re knock-a-rocking with the world’s greatest
Nigga got options (Yeah, Yeah)
Nigga got options (Look)

For you niggas in my spot
Just make you keeping it warm nigga (Keeping it warm nigga)
You try to give em a hand
They ended up taking your arm nigga (What?)
Now I’m going 4th and long nigga (Yeah)
Hail Mary for the Touchdown (Wow)
Double cover on the sure bet so I had to go and get the rush downs (Yeah)
Boy I’m Kobe in the clutch now (Wow)
Niggas say they wanna live the dream then they sell they soul for a bust down (What)
They told me “get it by any means”, and I gotta have it’s a must now
Niggas must think that I’m tripping (What)
Oh you a rappеr? Who isn’t? (Huh)
You know what’s crazy is making believers out all of thе niggas who didn’t (All of ‘em didn’t)
Don’t gotta talk it I live it (Don’t gotta talk it, I live it)
Every verse is just a recap (Yeah)
Niggas pulling up in ski masks (What?)
‘Til I do a number on they knee caps (Wow)
Another note
Reel like I’m losing my sanity (Right, Right, Right, Right)
Playing the cards that they handed me
Message for anyone mad at me (Aye)
Let it go (Aye)
Cuz I’m sure that I already have
Missing the option to hate on me later ‘cause nigga you already mad (All of you niggas be hating)
I know I got another option but I treat it likes it’s all’s that I have (Yeah, Aye, Yeah Yeah)
I know I got another option
I got
But I’m
Locked in
Like this my only option
I’m so focused
No stopping
I came up
From nothing
Now a nigga so damn great
‘Member niggas told me wait
Now we got no relations

Really sunk down to the bottom (That’s facts)
I’m just gone show ‘em
Now look I rock it (No flex)
Lately I swear I been ballin’ like Harden
I’m taking off just like a rocket (Yeah, yeah)
I’ma go get me that chip
And if I don’t
I’m the best that ain’t did it
They hate how I speak ‘cause I keep it the realest
Can’t set you up
I will not spare your feelings, okay
Hopefully I make ‘em hate me
Go prove me wrong
Go make it a statement, yeah (A statement)
All of my niggas got greatness
Some of us aliens
Came in a spaceship, yeah (A spaceship)
Pull up the UFO soaring
That’s a real foreign
All of us gracious, yeah
We out of this world, but we locked in
But just remember we got options, on God
And we locked in, that's for sure
And that’s on God
It’s only one way this gon’ go
And that’s on God
And if you locked in, then you know
And that’s on God
And if you don’t know, then you’ll never know
On God
Aye, Aye
Pick it up (Pick it up)
Name some other niggas sick as us (Aye)
Watched them niggas tried to live it up
Then the great reward is watch em giving up (Give it up)
Now switch it up (Now switch it up)
Young Slade with part fade (Right)
Niggas sweeter than a parfait (Yeah)
Niggas wanna see me fall bad
But you better off catching Parlay (Yeah)
Part ways
Walking through it like the Red Sea (Bet you I’m Moses)
Momma telling me I’m like my daddy
But I guarantee I’m not a dead beat
That’s on everything (Haha)
Told her that I gotta have something ‘fore I ever think about a wedding ring (What?)
Told her that she gotta have something ‘fore I ever think to let her lecture me (Yeah)
Okay I’m making success (Making success)
Niggas be hoping I swallow my pride but I gotta die as the best (I gotta die as the best)
Of all time (Of all time)
Of our time (Of our time)
Of y’all time (Of yall time)
That’s on God. (That’s on God)

Nigga got options (Nigga got options, yeah)
Nigga got options (Nigga got options, yeah)
Don’t you know I got them options
Aye (Nigga got options)
Nigga got options
Nigga got options

( Slade the Supreme )