Song: Rockin w My Fiends
Year: 2022
Viewed: 47 - Published at: 9 years ago

We go back to 19800
19800 for this song
19800, 1980, 198000 type beat
Beautiful ass beat
Crystal, peaceful, happy hardcore type beat
Ah, I should shut up now

Rockin' with my fiends and they're shooting heroin
I call that a win, I call that a win
Cops watch me cause I'm important
Watch what you say in chats, you're your own informant
Turn off your phone when you start some scoring
Got a panic attack so I said fuck touring
My friend Emochao is going away
Feel like Glixkz I say fuck The United States
Take a bitch on a date to Olive Garden
This shits too expensive, so stop talking
Could never spend money on some new clothes
I save that money to buy a nеw pole
If murder was legal, thеn shit, I'd be going crazy
But at home I'm busy being lazy
Same Brain we on the same wave yeah
Remember me, Christo was the name yeah

( Sunshine Christo )