Song: Seven
Year: 2007
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[Verse 1: Planetary]
Yeah! Yo, uh
A lot of rappers try approaching the omen
My poems will punish your people while I’m up at the podium
Pharaohs folding 'em, like washed clothes again
I'm a vulture when the flow go choke your kin
Broke, I leave most of them, slow, I keep my motionin'
Eye on the prize
I silence the wise, my lyrics make a scientist cry
Making a secret society expose their purpose
Making 'em unleash info and explode in my surface
I'm taking my time to birth this, rap entity earthless
It's show time, there's no time, be ready when the curtain split
I'm hurtin' shit, too powerful for painkillers
On the concrete jungle we walk like trained guerillas
Untamed, and my niggas is Kane, Kool G, Rakim, combined into one frame
We like the new mecca of immaculate rappers
Vinnie Paz, call the goons, now we back with the clappers

[Verse 2: Chief Kamachi]
Yo, remain silent, kill him with what I mentally says
Bloody Fez, choke you like an Indian rez
Kamach, animal Turk, sick with a cannibal smirk
Welcome, this where the murderers lurk
It's my mind, that make sure that the Sun can work
Scorch bodies, leave all of your gunmen hurt
Pharaoh sultans, create a serious cult jam
And my hand is where the tears of the pope ran
They stay watching like they keep me on a scope cam
I'm in Heaven with the angels that smoke grams
You need God, that's why the earth so damned
International, trying to get my flow banned
That's cool, if I don't kick these prayers
A lot of floods and famines gonna hit these years
Kamachi back on the chapel stairs
Open the clouds, let the thunder clap your ears
[Verse 3: King Syze]
You wanna put your money up? Then muthafucker then put it
For your family's sanity man, I wish that you wouldn't
Niggas got nice flows, just dont know where to put it
And I know your whole life your raps are edited footage
And y'all mixtape niggas couldn't see my plateaus
All up in my presence, while y'all actin' bashful
King Syze casting an ecliptic rap flow
Y'all little light niggas couldn't feed my shadows
From, city to city, intersection to section
But you reflexin', with or without a weapon
I'm always steppin', never scared
But always and forever prepared
Yeah the ones who drink gas man is revvin' their gears

[Verse 4: Reef the Lost Cauze]
You now rocking' with the foulest clique in the continent
Total dominance, rise to prominence
In my prime like Optimus, stand in astonishment
At this conglomerate, an axis of evil
I know where Osama is, he down in Camp David
Down and dirty like a damp basement
The champ must demand greatness
From himself, or be another contender
There's hundreds of niggas
Dead left under the river
From the days of slaves
To hurricanes in Orleans
See my people's graves floatin' amongst the waves
There's hell to pay, but
The devil don't take checks
I tried to send a message to God
His phone don't take texts
I need a new plan, a crook with knowledge
Times is hard homie, why I took them dollars
Man, my momma got a mortgage
And my little baby sister need books for college
I rob all of y'all
[Verse 5: Doap Nixon]
Hey, yo, they want the hood in here so they called me first
I give 'em rappers gatorade cause they ball with thirst, UH!
This is more than music
But these niggas is mad trash
That's why the stores refuse 'em
Yo, I'm out in Georgia, went straight to the block
I'm seein' cats motorcyclin' dawg, I'm doin the walk
I'm an O.G., call my Italian niggas a wop
Though their papers ain't right, but they got weight on the block
I love 'em uh
Hand to hand, see your hands ache
I drunk so much syrup dawg I stopped eatin' pancakes
Ya niggas cool dawg mine's absurd hot
Stop frontin' like you's a killer money, your nerves shot
Yo you's a Paxil nigga, dumpin' Zoloft in coffee
AOTP what exhaust be
Can't keep it gear, cause I'm blinging with F's
But I got my mind right so swing your shit to the left

[Verse 6: Demoz]
Nigga if I had 24 hours to live
Fuck 24 hours, gimme 24 seconds
Vin I'm drivin' off a bridge
Broken rib, no windshield, covered in kerosene
Gasoline tank filled to the top
Magazines of these phony rappers ripped in pieces
No priest is, strong enough to take me out of my zone
I broke Jesus, choke niggas who squeal
Rob niggas who steal, kill niggas who kill
I'm too sick for a pill
Man these niggas ain't real, they real fake
They say they a man but they fuckin' reveal snakes
That's when you put 'em in the trunk with their grill taped
Rip in reverse then run into a steel gate
I'm a suicide driver, never been a liar
If I don't kill you later, I'mma kill you mañana
You don't want no problems
You don't want no drama
Nigga I'mma take a trip with your baby momma, suicide driver
[Verse 7: Celph Titled]
Ya better cross your T's
Cause we'll dot your eyes
You can say that you specialize but pharaohs will optimize
Backstage will get a bitch back smacked there
The mac glare like dirty south pimp slap clap snares, YEAH!
Holy paragraphs, what kind of shit is that?
I'm Jesus in the flesh so this is motherfuckin' Christian rap
Y'all just Christmas wrap, must be the secret Santa
My reindeer aim near, pierce you with the antlers
I made 'em go easy, and called off the wolves on my AOTP radio CB
Cause y'all ain't worthy of grenades and RPGs
Slit throat, hope you float with sardines and seaweed
Cause this is C-E-L-P-H demonic symphony
Listen to the hell we make
And a year before your kids tenth birthday came
You didn't have to wait for candles on the cake to see the nine flame

[Verse 8: Vinnie Paz]
Respect a G, my clique clap at you incessantly
I lay back and drink alcohol excessively
It ain't a rapper that's alive today that's testing me
I got degrees in being ignorant and weaponry
A 40 oz and Dutch Master is the recipe
That's my shit there, that'll be the death of me
Give me a death mask, better yet an effigy
I understand the math of death and it's complexity
I understand how you was violently murked
I understand how you was raised under the lies of the church
But understand and recognize that I'm cursed
With the ability to end your fucking lives with a verse

( Army of the Pharaohs )