Song: The Movie
Artist:  Gucci Mane
Year: 2009
Viewed: 109 - Published at: 4 years ago

[Verse 1 - Gucci Mane]
I'm jumping out my coupe with the missing roof
And I'm so fucking high I need a parachute
"Gucci Mane, do you remember me from last month?"
"Girl, I can't remember nothing but my last blunt"
Bling blau diamond necklaces for every chain
Bitch I'm Gucci so I put rims on 'bout everything
I used to care about money nowadays I don't
So if I like her enough I'll buy her everythang she want
I got that 3-5-7 so don't try your luck
Bullets have yo body hot you'll need a fire truck
So re-up with us, got white girl yeah that Anna Mae
Today I'm shitting on rappers so I called up Jazze Pha

I'm not a boy so I can not be your boyfriend but
If you want me to then I can be your Gucci Mane
And if you're man can't beat it up then I bet Gucci can
Just ask your lady and I bet that she's a Gucci fan
Bought all my hoes Gucci, most all my clothes Gucci
This ain't no Coogi you still can't move me
And this is the soundtrack of the Gucci Mane movie
The Gucci Mane movie, the Gucci Mane movie
[Verse 2 - Gucci Mane]
Lambo engine in the rear and I'm switching gears
Y'all suckers can't fuck wit this young nigga here
Diamonds on my neck colder than a case of beer
So when I fall off in the club all the bitches cheer
M6 convertible my top can disappear
Just bought a house in Cali pool parties all through the year
Temp fade stupid waves I don't wear a beard
They say that Gucci stay fresh but that nigga weird
I shop at Fifth Plaza, lil buddy he shop at Sears
Diamonds solitaire so big it damn near broke my ears
Girl you riding wit La Flare so what you got to fear?
2010 no more Rolls-Royces so I'm just coppin Lears


[Verse 3 - Gucci Mane]
Jazze Pha, Gucci no they didn't expect this
It ain't no secret run up on me you'll regret it
I'm like a ball player focused on my next hit
And I hit homeruns I don't know how to bunt, bitch
And this that Cali kush you need to pass the blunt, bitch
I'm sorry that I cuss you baby girl you're gorgeous
Psych you're not gorgeous but your ass is enormous
And if you never call me I'll be rich regardless
Picture perfect flow this verse here is a portrait
I got three mansions but I'm from Sun Valley apartments
Bouldercrest, Flat Shoals and Gresham is where I started
You wanna find me bitch just keeping riding down Moreland

( Gucci Mane )