Song: The Rapper Eater
Artist:  Lil Wayne
Year: 2009
Viewed: 76 - Published at: 8 years ago

Feed me rappers or feed me beats

Tool on deck, why would I lie
Nigga you a pussy hope you got nine lives
I could hit a nigga with the nine nine times
Country ass boy country like Leanne rhymes
Mississippi d banner, and lilweezyana
Everybody got tools so you will need a hammer
I'm a pill poppin' animal, syrup sippin' nigga
I'm so high you could'nt reach me with a fuckin antenna
You're fuckin with his man, you could be his man dinner
The nine gimme brains but the ak add liver
Your rapper is the same flowin like a bad river
Make yo ass quiver like you naked at winter
Hollygrove honcho, hardtime giver
I'm a shark in the water you just long john silver
I got a girl you wanna meet her?
Her name is nine millimeter

Feed me rappers or feed me beats
Uptown New Orleans like always
Cash money boys shine like bald heads
Big bezzel make my watch look like a hog head
But all I do is smoke trees call me log head
I'm butter on the bread like parkay
And I am all about me like do re
I'm in the hood, in the hood like dope yay
Nappy ass hair like buckwheat otay
Hollygrove, Eagle street be my damn hood
Or you can get murdered for free like canned goods
I got 12 Barbaros under that Lam hood
I could bring Kentucky derby to the damn hood
Sunshine diamonds, call me tanned goods
And now I let it blow, like a bad wood
I call brisco, I'm on South Beach
Thirty minutes later Opa-lacka is where I be

Feed me rappers or feed me beats

Man I'm so Hollygrove
Stand strong in the water like a commadore
Black holes in your white tee, dominoes
Me n brisco cash money carnivores
Hehe, I am New Orleans like carnival
And in the hood call me Weezy the honorable
These other rappers so ironical
And if I ain't in the mansion then I'm up in the phantom oh
Yea, you know it, listen up man, dj cinema, cinematic
Whatever you wanna call him, I need you to spin this thang crazy
Spin this when I tell you not to, talkin about 8 in the mornin
To 8 in the mornin', ya feel me, yea, can fox holla at cha boy
Feed me rappers or feed me beats

( Lil Wayne )