Song: Tony/Montana
Artist:  Cormega
Year: 2004
Viewed: 51 - Published at: 4 years ago

[Verse 1: Ghostface Killah]
I play hard for nine innings, dressed in fine linen
‘Cause pussy is the best next thing besides winnin'
All the positions I've been in couldn't explain how I'm livin'
My vision, my intuition has risen
Here, take a listen, I'm hittin'
Up to bat with precision; see, I'm back in the kitchen
Slinging crack to these pigeons, for the fact that I'm driven
My linebackers is blitzin', send you packing, good riddance
Trapped in this prison where snakes and rats is forbidden
Keep my gun hidden, niggas is bitches signing petitions
And they providing convictions
See, I survive through the system under the livest conditions
My riders ride on a mission
For snitchin', you get your back blown right out of commission
You'll be missin' like them crazy Christians
And swimming with all the fishes
Your Ms.'s will come and witness your body with hugs and kisses
Now, tell me, is that nutritious?
We party with chips and liquors
Your wizzes is coming with us
For real, kid, they bought me presents
The difference is this is business, big biscuits, big figures
We click on religious niggas for acting too superstitious
Move, ‘cause the Coupe is vicious
Shoot if you want your wishes to blow
See Trife in the Bentley with a group of bitches
My design is already made
So young and so strong
And just waiting to be saved

[Verse 2: Cormega]
My life's no longer in the hands of district attorneys
Or envious niggas who thirsty ‘cause I'm OT with bricks for 30
Moving like Magic, but niggas ain't worthy
Like Michael Cooper; when I shoot I aim sturdy
Mother made or motherfuck 'em
Rhymes so dope I hope I make it through customs
We can take it to the streets, like a game at the Rucker
They claim they love us, but all that changes
When you on and they fucked up, dog
Ain't no flaws in a hustler
I'm no longer in state greens and chuckers
Waiting for the beach port and the breaks
Streets oughta relate
I see it all in your face the window to your soul ain't tinted
You wanna see me falling from grace; no way, nigga!
I'm stretching my weight, like cocaine dealers
What they gonna say now? The flow way iller
If dough change niggas I'm no longer the same
But what I became does not conflict with from where I came
I was dealing with 'caine like cold chilla
Back when lyricist reined and dope was killing 'em
Any MC who think they ill as me
Or real as me should chill, I mean, that's your opinion
But my raps is relentless like a MAC with an infra
And I'm back with a vengeance
Like Sprewell smashing the Knicks
After they shipped him despite the fans resistance
Big and Pac is up top, so the nicest man living is right here
It's quite clear, like diamonds that glisten
My design is already made
So young and so strong
And just waiting to be saved

( Cormega )