Song: You Dont Know
Artist:  Jean Grae
Year: 2003
Viewed: 28 - Published at: 8 years ago

Black people raise up, anger management cases to the front line
Your day's up, children, I hope you didn't quit your day jobs
Been in it, hosting shit like Canadian Asians host SARS
I'm kidding, no really pa, you're fibbing, you rented your car
I'm spilling these phrases like seizure waitresses holding trays
This is greatness, the most endangered species on the playlist
Hey pay this, you fucks
No need to pay for a facelift you sluts
You slept, stupid I'm more dangerous than Michael's face is
I cut through it like a machete's built on my tongue
Leave you stitched up like Eeyore with your teeth all gums, you weak whore
The meek inherits now, but I speak veteran prose
Like I'm Tom Cruise in a wheelchair with my pants all sewn
Now how many times do I need to explain
You faggot Hannibal Lector niggas, you all eat brain
I will damage your whole system, hack into your mainframe
Crack your bones like I'm cracking computer codes, I am not playing
I am not done spraying nigga, give me my mic back
Don't ever, ever, ever try some shit even like that
I'm a con artist, a schemer, a dealer, a dope
That you feed to your ears through the speakers and feel it 'til it's leaking out your throat
Teacher, preacher, city-wide spelling champ
Your girl felt it so much, she started doing a belly dance
I'm heavy man, like an ACME safe in a cartoon
I'll drop-catch you man, I'll slam right into your car roof
I'm nasty, the antithesis of this mastery
Keep feeding you and feeding you with buckets of candy
Hand ransom notes to all cops at random
With the planted remote in the throat of the kidnapped grandson
For how many grams, one
Wait 'til they're in range, then pull the little chain
Clothesline them just in time to see the boy's exploding brains
I'm sick, I need help, I climb inside of a track
I tell them, I know what I'm doing those aren't snares, those are slaps
One slap, two slaps, three slaps, four
Then I spaz out and stab - forget what the fuck I was counting for
Don't fuck with me, please I'm asking nicely, back off
Put thumbtacks in my hands and grab your nuts, nigga cough
You don't understand Jean, never in your life seen
A girl with more flow than an Iraqi soldier's canteens
More ignored than a homeless on a train begging for change
More credit due to me than a store that doesn't exchange
In Cali, rip ya mayne, New York, damage ya dog
Get on a plane, la voy aca el encima in Spain
I'm dead wrong, too smart to be beefing with little tarts
Jean turn your scream into murmurs like an irregular heartbeat
Hardly the amateur, can't wait for the album tour
Fall come, I'm bringing the malice straight to your campus floor
Manhandle y'all, in France I'm Jean Van-Damnit
All writing hard like carving the Twelfth Commandment, naw
I didn't skip one cause Biggie penned the eleventh
A moment of silence for all the fallen soldiers in heaven
Now moving along children
I screw with your whole vision like fog in the road, listen
Too hot and you know it, burn like a cock when you go piss
And there's snot in the hole dripping and you gotta go to the clinic
Hey, I'm just guessing
Jean's here to level the playing field
I don't care about your spot or what you got for your record deal
I don't care about your feelings or your marketing gimmicks
I just rap -- been here, you just wasn't ready to hear it
I dropped Attack, critics hollered back with a thumbs-up
Exposing those who didn't -- Oliver Wang, you dumb fuck
Untuck your spine, gun-butt you with a Super Soaker
Make you scream louder than the sound of the background vocals
Choke you with a magazine page, then in a rage
Flip you over like quarters on the back of your arm on Happy Days
I've written about life, I spitted about art
I represent the underground cause they've been with me from the start
No, Jean's not hard now, Jean hasn't changed
I was 18 on the first record, I've just experienced the game
Not a thug, not a drug seller, not a gun shooter
Not a stripper, sex symbol, or anything you're used to
Marketing nightmare, I don't fit into categories
I just rap, make beats and shit and sleep all these stories
All I want is a voice, all the people need is choice
If there's no competition then what is the fucking point
You can't win by default, unless you're scared of a challenge
It's not really a fair game if you don't allow balance
What the fuck is a se...somebody get this woman a drink

( Jean Grae )