Artist: Checho
Lyrics of Artist: Checho
  1. [Lyric] N2S (Checho)

    [Sahdguru Speaks] [Checho] Do I leave my mommas house When thats the reason I’m this free Or I’d be busiest this week Trying to keep up, let the music miss me Whats the way to get rich fast Work my way up to where kissing ass Is required or I’m fired, what an empire Take over or bounce higher I just wanna be a Balla can I mow your lawn for 20...Learn More
  2. [Lyric] ALT (Checho)

    [Checho] What do you need? To create new possibilities? Trying to reach eternity, but start it in history? Me and you And my darker self saying I will give you just what you thought I will give it just think it well Me and you And my darker self saying When little, you saw the things you’re convinced that your mind created I can think it. My mind...Learn More
  3. [Lyric] WUTA (Checho)

    [Checho] It's been a long night, you still look dope AF Smh, girl, cannot take it. Cannot text shit in my nexus Save me questions, cause I can’t grasp a sense situations If Im faded, all this rare shit seem so basic While your fragrance's so expressive I make faces on the basis Since my wallet filled with veggies, I don’t mind if its expensive But...Learn More
  4. [Lyric] R3P (Checho)

    [Checho] Used to take the 68C, Downtown Saint Paul, realized it didn't matter if Yall kept hating, second guessing, PMS’ing, like them girls in hot pink dresses That at night they go bulimic, then fill right back up with breakfast And you haven’t seen me rock it yet, ain’t no paparazzi yet Future on your tv screen, wouldn’t you like to watch me...Learn More
  5. [Lyric] WIT (Checho)

    (Un, dos, tres, quarto.) [CHECHO] Introdución Got so many options, watching with my optics Yes, my name is Checho, switching up the topics Always got the wallet, on my neck, circular object Change of wardrobe and my number, I prefer no private calling Yes I got the ladies, that don’t mean that I’m taken Cause the ones that want me, act like ones...Learn More
  6. [Lyric] The Lonely Song (Checho)

    I’m so down I just lost my main girl Need to find my self So lost in the pain My body gets the chills, if you could only understand A whole upstairs to myself, I’m crying alone again Took your picture off my phone, always my wallpaper Ain’t no use of crying now, I know I'mma bawl later ’Membering better days, you were my one and only Miss that in...Learn More