Song: N2S
Artist:  Checho
Year: 2013
Viewed: 3 - Published at: a month ago

[Sahdguru Speaks]

Do I leave my mommas house
When thats the reason I’m this free
Or I’d be busiest this week
Trying to keep up, let the music miss me
Whats the way to get rich fast
Work my way up to where kissing ass
Is required or I’m fired, what an empire
Take over or bounce higher
I just wanna be a
Balla can I mow your lawn for 20 dollars?
Can I wash your impala
Or shall i speed in my ION
Lose a drag race for the gwalla
Drive nice but I'd probably
Crash or get arrested
Lonely boys be the best jailbait
Kill a nigga trying to rape me
I'll be 21 in 2 days
I wish it was two decades
Be a money making baby
Nothing 2 say in here
If we can’t see then we can’t fear
Show me where heaven is
No empathy where everyone win

What can I do as an advantage
GPA’s not fantastic, idk if IQ’s the average
Teach or accuse the savage
Momma I’m shirtless as a habit
See it gets hot in my attic
Can’t be sweating if I’m just planning
The heat rises like miami
Lone timberwolfs want to explore the world
Eatin bunnies with my bro lorenzo tho
He wanna to be a
Balla, ride a paper plane or get a scholarship
There are not too many options
Instead lemme invest a hundred dollars
Faith is your best friend
When all that you rely on is a talent
Put the Only name into the tally
Homie gotta train a lot
Not a hobby its a way of life
Being the best or give the Js a walk
Sweat a liter to a gallon
Carrying weight for granted
Is that a leader or a valet?
Either way im gonna let you have it
Images of the heaven keep me happy
Dreams and friends to reanact with
Watch him grow along all of the
Artists in the rally
Hispanics is missing from the palete
Bound to make the blue collar angry
I’m a spic to you understand me
And yes we do have an advantage
So what you head to demand it
I’ll prove your family fool
Bout time I got hectic
Rebel or a reverend
Tell my momma I’m not in heaven
And im puttin my everything to taste it
Even just one taste of heaven
All emotions trying to depress me
Stimulating inner demons out of the head
That denies the reality to answers of
Questions to still in the end be like "fuck what I said."
I said nothing so I listened to my conscience instead
Yo, y can we not say no y can we not say no
Why if you’re to be blamed it feels right to tell us hell no
Y can't we speak well though, speaking for myself though
Thats the way to get denied when well I know the info
How to ask for help though? Pride invested syndrome
We love to disease ourselves cause well we know the symptoms
And well we know our kingdoms, need an eyelash hair and pink thumb
If you eat here feeling empty, we know well you know your income so
How can we live in peace
When fighting back assumes release
What if we reach our peak
And find our heads beneath their feet

( Checho )