Artist: N.Richie!
Lyrics of Artist: N.Richie!
  1. [Lyric] TRUTH (N.Richie!)

    [Intro] Never really been a man of the truth (Yeah Aye) I tell lies to my face When I ask If the bad wasn't you (No wait) I can't lie When I'm faced With results Of my actions I lie to they face And I find a distraction Hey Never been the one For reactions Never been the Never giving one Satisfaction Hey WAIT [Verse 1] Why I am like this I feel...Learn More
  2. [Lyric] INTROSPECTION (N.Richie!)

    [Verse 1] Look I can't handle it The stress been weighing down I think I should relax a bit The stress been weighing down I'm tired and I'm out of it The stress been weighing down I'm trying to snap out of it But lately I've been Isolated (Isolated) Lone wolf (Lone wolf) Agitated (Agitated) Lone wolf (Lone wolf) Haven't felt my best in a long...Learn More
  3. [Lyric] VENT (N.Richie!)

    [Verse 1] Lyrics so cold When I spit the studio froze over Mm And it's like that I been on roll And you stumbling But you still sober Mm And it's like that Way that I be popping I should change my name to cold soda Mm And it's like that Royal flush on you lames Like I mean poker Big smile on my face I don't mean Joker (Hold up) (WAIT) SEE THE...Learn More
  4. [Lyric] SHOOT (N.Richie!)

    [Verse 1] You must that I'm a dreamer huh I make the world I pull the strings Cause I'm the schemer huh I wouldn't think that adding Trauma to the mix Would flip the switch On my reality I don't know which is which So let me tell you How the sitch Was leading up It's heating up I'm having nightmares on a daily Sleeping barely Rarely Seeing...Learn More
  5. [Lyric] RISE (N.Richie!)

    [Part 1] {And now back to your regular- Aye bro watch your jet Watch your jet bro watch your jet-} [Verse 1] I'm on the come up And nobody gon be stopping me I got a strategy For anything That's gon be blocking me You know that I'm a chop ya Get to the chopper then I'm a leave I'm popping like a pimple I'm dropping haters I bob and...Learn More
  6. [Lyric] ICON Remix (N.Richie!)

    [Intro: N.Richie! & Jaden] Ayo Jaden man pleasure to be here Alright Let's show them how to do it (Woo) Woah (Woo) Yo, woah [Verse 1: N.Richie! & Jaden] What you call and ICON living? Man they call me N.Richie! I'm the kid who never go missing Make em (Whoa) Only pure flames when I'm spitting Whoa We up too hot in the business...Learn More