Artist:  N.Richie!
Year: 2021
Viewed: 62 - Published at: 4 years ago

[Verse 1]

I can't handle it
The stress been weighing down
I think I should relax a bit
The stress been weighing down
I'm tired and I'm out of it
The stress been weighing down
I'm trying to snap out of it
But lately
I've been

Lone wolf
(Lone wolf)
Lone wolf
(Lone wolf)
Haven't felt my best in a long time
I been feeling down in all
My downtime

[Verse 2]

Staring in the mirror
I don't like the picture
Dropping in the game
And changing up the mixture
Fighting with myself
I'm hoping I'm the victor
All I bring is doom
Is like my name is Victor
Acting sicker
Without hints of liquor
Voices whine and bickеr

Thoughts they flicker
On and off
While thеy just going
On and on
I want them gone
Cause I just toss and turn
I'm feeling like I'm lost
I loss
A sense of hope
I try to cope
And I can feel the rope
Just tighten round my neck
I'm finna choke
I cloak the pain with jokes

I run
They done
They stun me
Squeeze my lungs
Think I should hold my tongue
Since I was young
I never really liked myself
But just begun
To shun my own emotions
Keep them under
Cut my heart in sunder
Rather be the one to
Hurt myself
At least nobody else

Trapped in a wonderland of nightmares
The ground has spikes here
Sometimes I wonder man
The knife here
The end is right there
Am I safe in my mind
This is stupid
Why has closing my eyes
Become scary

( N.Richie! )