Song: ASAP
Artist:  T.I.
Year: 2004
Viewed: 42 - Published at: 4 years ago

[Verse 1: T.I.]
I'm on my grind, Grand Hustle
Got the mind and the muscle
50 carats in the crown just to shine on you suckas
I still tote the Glock 40 for the haters and the bustas
Fuck probation, if a nigga try to play me I'mma bust him
Ion't need no security, reaching for my jewelry
Get you niggas popped quick, filled full of hot shit
Fresh out the box Tip hopped in a drop 6
Made a quarter mil' in the pen givin' stock tips
Haters wanna stop Tip, mad 'cus they not Tip
Ball every summer so your baby mama jock Tip
You don't no drama pimp, I promise I do not slip
Chrome 4-5th, hid well if the cops trip
Bought my girl a Hummer with the chrome right in front of dat
5 carat stones with the platinum all up under dat
Rap beef I ain't gonna participate in none of dat
I'm aimin' at your fitted cap and you ain't gonna want none of dat

(Asap asap asap...)
A nigga try to play me, I'mma blow him off the map A-S-A-P
Ask anbody who runnin' a G, bet they finna say me A-S-A-P
Niggas hatin' on P.S.C. get straightened A-S-A-P
A nigga try to play me, I'mma blow him off the map A-S-A-P
[Verse 2: T.I.]
I know a lot of rappers don't like me, but they won't fight me
Feds swear I sell dope, well why they won't indict me?
Advances on the throne, I ain't never take it lightly
But all that tongue-wrestlin' hatin' while I'm gone don't excite me
How many rappers you know that could hold they own on Rice Street
East steady talkin' on the cell phone nightly
Normal population, half the jail just like me
Polices think I'm crazy, scared a nigga gon' strike me
Contrarily, a nigga tryin' me is unlikely
They barkin' don't bother me, I'll be bombin' 'fore they bite me
They just shocked to see my rap's exactly how my life be
Sheisty, with a conversation quite pricey
My fist so rocky and and wrist so icey
Might be, thrown off my rocker just slightly
Feisty, flamin' hot temper don't ignite me
I'm only gonna ask ya find the exit once politely


[Verse 3: T.I.]
Flip, say who known to the land and the people
My plan is to keep you at least 2, levels under me where I need you
I'mma take advantage of my chance to defeat you
Your true colors done shown, now it's on when I see you
I'm grown nigga, so let it be know we ain't equal
You sadly mistaken if you thinkin' I can't reach you
Beat you, to a fuckin' pulp if I need to
The very spot ya standin' in then is where I'll leave you
Seen on the scene white tees and Evisu
O.G. status, I don't beef unless I need to
Sissy you way outta line and you runnin' outta time
Hang behind closed do's when ya heard I got some time
Yeah I know you were thinkin' outa sight and outa mind
But I'm the wrong one for you to try if you were tryna shine
Listen nigga this shit here is more than just a lotta rhymes
I don't know what ya do for your respect, but I'mma die for mine

( T.I. )