Song: Talk About A Girl
Year: 2003
Viewed: 40 - Published at: 3 years ago

Errr why what happened?
Oh okay
Okay okay, I give in
You got a friend? Then meet me and my man arooound ten
You see I play a Too $hort tape
Just to let you tricky little girls know I'm not fake
A little anxious school girl get comfty
Dim the lights and unplug the phone cause it bugs me
I'm wearin' Timbs with a .22 at my waist
Apple juice is cold and I'm in the place
Sometimes I think about you (echos)
Sometimes I think about your whole crew
I got style, so I relax
Knowin' I wanna dive in it, it'll take twenty laps
Hop in my mom car and lets take a ride
Then maybe you will realize
I know she saw me (echos)

( Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf )