Song: I Want It All
Artist:  Birdman
Year: 2009
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[Birdman - intro]
Birdman, always priceless
Cash Money, Young Money
New money, swagged out
Uptown we in the buildin'

[Kevin Rudolf - Hook]
I want it all,I want it all,I want it all
I want it all,I want it all,I want it all
I want it all,I want it all,I want it all

[Birdman - verse 1]
Ride fly always on chrome
Birds fly count when we get home
Big money in da garbage can
New money every time we land
Big houses, new cars
Uptown,Third Ward
On the wall with platinum plaques
In the club throwin' hundred stacks
She fly, my kind, and I brought her inside
She saw the marble floor, poppin' bottles blowin' dro
She like just how I live
Private jets from Beverly Hills
Hundred mills on da platinum floor
Hundred mills my son can glow

[Lil' Wayne - verse 2]
I want the world
You want the pussy
I want the pearl
I want the life
I want tonight
My fruits of labor, I want 'em ripe
That's right private flight
Money get stacks to the highest height
Better get your math and science right
But I want the drama .. guided light
I-I-I want the hype but I don't believe it
I want it all but I know I don't need it
Man, I just want what's cool
And I want .. you!


[Birdman - verse 3]
Big diamond ring, Yea, yea
Diamond face, hundred on 1 streak
Everyday do it like it's no sleep
'Round the way, choke cause we got heat
Hundred G's in the chopper, new fleet
No money never get no time
Get money, stay on a nigga mind
Priceless strapped on a nigga street
Uptown YMCMB
Bird-man .. OG
Harley Davis pull up to the sun shine
Tattoos blood line on mines
Billionaires that's what it 'bout nigga
Billionaires we get loud nigga


( Birdman )