Song: Boost The $ales
Artist:  Vinny Cha$e
Year: 2011
Viewed: 27 - Published at: 6 years ago

[Verse 1: Vinny Cha$e]
The lack of money make a nigga furious
Cops pull a nigga over, check him, see who he is
As I'm cruising in my six speed
Weed rolled up, Vinny chiefs on the best weed
The best furniture, 30 thou for the furniture
Sitting in the back, Maybach with the curtains up
Pants sagging, stacks in my back pockets
How I get it cause I rap and I stack profits
Watches, Cartier watch, yeah copped it
Watches, Cartier watch, rare objects

[Verse 2: Vinny Cha$e]
When recording make sure weed imported
No seeds burn trees, weed California
Game of life, I win you choose defeat
Cool as I remain, smooth as a leather seat
I got some shit up in my closet
Different kicks, different outfits, different options
Was with Killa Cam next to Tito borough
Told me, "Vinny keep it real on them niggas
And keep it thorough" cool
What I do, go and flex on them niggas
Hit the bank, what I do, bust a check on them niggas
Spending money in a fucked up economy
100K cash in the ground if they body me
I'm here to boost the sales
Through the storm, niggas lie but the truth prevail
Spending money from the cash advances
Montauk with the money, blow the cash in Hamptons

( Vinny Cha$e )